Life Lately XX

Jan 30, 2018

Happy Tuesday! 

I’m excited to be back with another installment of Life Lately and hope you guys are all staying warm this week. It got cold again real quick, huh? 


Movie Nights 


date nights

My usual attire for movie nights! Love this sweatshirt!


Since the Oscar nominations have come out (and Trevor and I are so behind on movies) we’ve been trying to plan movie date nights after Zain goes to bed. We cook dinner, pour a glass of wine and pick a new movie to watch at least once a week. Even though we’re not dressing up and getting out of the house, it’s fun to plan something and catch up on all these films. 

This past week we watched Get Out and holy crap. I am usually not freaked out by movies but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks, so just prepare yourself. It’s also weirdly got a lot of funny moments and was vastly different than what I was expecting. Which should we watch next? 


Early Mornings


early morning

I try to share more of our daily ‘real’ life over on Instagram stories!


Now that Zain has been teething (he’s getting his first two teeth!) he has been waking up soooo early. We’re talking 5:20am wake up calls so I am enjoying my slow mornings drinking coffee and trying to be productive during hisfirst nap instead of crawling back into bed. It’s actually my best time to write so has worked out fairly well. 


Date Nights


movie nights

Our last day date on the beach, take me back!


Since we’ve been back from Mexico, Trevor and I have done a really great job of not eating out. We wanted to get our nutrition back under control and I’ve been enjoying cooking so many new recipes. My mom will actually be coming in town next month for a few weeks and I’m not only so excited to see her but also plan a few days/nights out with Trevor. In the past, we haven’t really taken advantage of having her here because we’ve been so tired but this time we’re determined. 

We are sleeping better and ready to eat out! I’ve already made reservations at Duck Duck Goat but send over any new restaurant you have liked. I feel so out of the loop now!


Zain Boo


baby boy winter outfit

My sweatshirt, My leggings, Zain’s Snowsuit


baby boy clothing

All ready for Marcelo’s 1st Birthday party! Zain’s Sweater, Pants, Shoes


baby boy crib

Someone got their crib lowered! Crib, Sheets


baby boy playdate

Our weekly date with Magnus and Betty are the best! 


maxi cosi car seat

Someone grew out of their infant car seat and is really jazzed about this new one and his cup holder!


madewell pink sweater

Trying on clothes has become a little different! Love this pink sweater though – order up!


This kid has been keeping me busy! He is totally on the move—crawling backwards, pulling himself up and taking steps with his walker. It’s so crazy to think he turned eight months last week and it’s amazing how quickly time has flown by! 


Hope you guys are all having a great week so far!


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