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May 12, 2023

Good morning and hello Friday! 

Can you believe this weekend is Mother’s Day weekend? I can not. It seems like the end of school year bonanza has started and we aren’t fully ready to accept it. I was trying to map out a few things in my planner this week and while flipping through realized Zahra only has one full week (well, a full week for her) of school left. 

We also have a few other big things on the agenda this weekend: my 20th high school reunion (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) and a friend’s wedding. I am excited to see old friends and catch up – hopefully just relax a bit. I am not a huge gift person in general and all I ask for on Mother’s Day is relaxation 🙂 Speaking of these plans – if you didn’t catch this morning’s Reel check it out and help me decide on a dress will ya? 

As far as life, it feels busy but balanced and I am trying to soak it all in. Zain is in Kindergarten this year and with that comes all of the amazing end of school year activities. He just ran the Kindergarten Derby which was truly the sweetest, has a class play coming up, and I will be going on a field trip with him which I can not wait for. These things are so big to him and I know everyone says this about their own children but Zain is truly growing into the sweetest, most kind, empathetic boy and I am genuinely so proud of him. I’m excited to finish out the school year with the kids and enjoy a little break with them before we dive back into work and summer camps. 

In case you missed it on stories, Zahra started to climb out of her crib and it was a rough go for a night or two. She was getting in and out and changing her clothes into what she preferred which tracks for her independant soul. I actually think taking of the side of the crib off the next day took all the interest away because it’s been pretty smoothing sailing with her staying in bed since. Her listening to me is a completely different issue but Nanima claims this is my payback for never listening to her so I’m taking it in stride 😉 

We have a date night coming up next week! I oddly feel like it’s been a minute since we have been out on a real date and we are headed to Ed Lee’s new restaurant Nami next week with a few friends and I have already been pouring over the menu which looks phenomenal.

I have an overnight girls trip coming up which is a real delight and something I haven’t done in a hot minute. It is my friends birthday and we are headed to Nashville for the night over the holiday weekend so if you happen to have any recommendations send them my way!  


I think that’s most of the exciting happening around here – I hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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