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Apr 10, 2023

Good morning and hello Monday! 

We were on Spring Break last week and Trevor unfortunately had no time off so I took off work to be at home with the kids and it felt like groundhog day every day 😉 I tried to get us out each day whether it was swimming, bounce house in the backyard, or the park so we could burn off some steam and tire these kids out. Zahra headed back to school today but for some reason Zain never has school the Monday after week long breaks which truly feels like a mistake, ha!

It’s been a while since I shared one of these posts and they are always my favorite to write so let’s catch up a little: 


  • Zahra is potty training and it seems to be going well! We followed the same method we did with Zain which I elaborated more on here. Since we were out of spring break I kept her naked as much as I could and have been experimenting with underwear. She went back to school in them today but I expect some accidents with clothes on but all in all it’s been a success. I waited with Zain and wanted to do the same with her (she’s 2 and 1/2) because I did not want to fail and quit and restart again so I figured the older she was the better. 


  • Gravely & Lil Toasty’s! If you are local, Toasty’s Tavern has a pop up called Lil’ Toasty’s at Gravely Brewing and it is a delight. We absolutely love their burgers and took the kids to hang on the outside patio and have dinner the other night and it was a true delight. I packed some coloring books and Charades for Kids and it was a hit – we spent all afternoon there. 


  • Did you catch this Old Navy dress that I am in love with? I tried it on in store and ended up ordering it since they didn’t have my size but it truly feels designer and I love the fabric. Perfect for office or weekend – I just can’t stop talking about it! Runs TTS. 


  • I just finished Tell Me How To Be and really enjoyed it – highly recommend! It follows an Indian-American family and follows a mother & son relationship that is fascinating and relatable while intertwining sexuality, loss, and so much more. Next up is Woman On Fire!


  • I just discovered Chef Bombay and am smitten! I stumbled upon the samosas in Target and dare I say they are better than TJ’s? Someone DM’ed me saying they heard they are made by the same parent company so I need to investigate that but either way they are delicious. We also grabbed the mini butter chicken naanpanadas but we haven’t tried them yet. 


  • I can’t forget to mention the $16 Linen Mini dress so many of you also loved! It gets very muggy in Louisville during the summer and this is the perfect light and loose dress to help me survive. Not see through and runs very TTS. 



  • We tried a new Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe and loved it! They sound so refreshing and light once the weather warms up and I served the kids with rice and they loved it. 



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