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Jan 27, 2024

Good morning and hello Saturday! 

This week has posed the question of cold vs. rain and I think I am now in the rain camp. After bitter cold and a few snow days it thankfully warmed up this week into the 50’s but resulted in days of rain. Once again, I thought this week would be the one where we all get our lives together but Zain had a late start to school mid-week and a few other hiccups made it feel a tad chaotic yet again so here’s hoping for next week? 😉 

We are all ecstatic for a low-key weekend though! The kids have a few fun activities Saturday including swim lessons that have thankfully been going well for Zahra. I’ve shared on social before but we have tried the past two years to get Zahra into lessons and she was NOT into it. Thankfully this year she’s doing amazing and loves her teacher so I am hopeful she’ll be there by this summer. 

We also have Trevor’s work holiday dinner tonight. Yes, I said holiday dinner. There is so much going on during December that his group always has their gathering in January which I honestly greatly appreciate. We all need something to look forward to in January, am I right? 


Here’s a few things from around the web I love: 


8 Superfoods So Nutritious, a Dietitian Makes Sure To Eat Them Every Day


Speaking of nutrition, we watched The Blue Zones documentary a while ago and made a few little changes. We’ve switched in vegetarian meals heavily at home, stopped cooking beef at home for the most part which we honestly did before, and switched small things like using Ezekiel bread. If you are currently looking for a veggie recipe feels like a warm hug, Trevor made this soup last week and it is SO GOOD. 


Ordered this one piece and can not wait for it! The silhouette reminds me of the J.Crew one piece I love so much and reach for often but is a fraction of the price. I went with my true size! ($36)


An article on Your Best (and Worst) Career Advice I found interesting!


The best acrylic fluted tumblers are BACK! I bought several of these years ago in clear and they have continued to be our favorites. They have never cracked in the wash which others have annoyingly and these new colors are gorgeous. Did I mention they are $3? 


As someone who loves cooking but has never really been trained, I loved this article on How to Master Basic Knife Skills and Become a Better Cook!


My favorite flats have been released for the season and will surely sell out so here is your warning. They hold up really well and are a great price point while being timeless and classic! ($60)


Have you seen the new cast of The White Lotus? I am thrilled! Do we remember when I met Walton Goggins while he was in town filming a project? Obsessed. 


I have been on the fence with vests but saw this last week and loved it! A longer version that could look timeless and beautiful with linen shorts or wide leg trousers when it warms up! ($108)


Have you heard of the 12-3-30 workout? I finally updated my gym sneakers and felt inspired to get on the treadmill which I haven’t done in centuries. I intended to follow this workout through but I am someone who gets antsy so I loosely followed the 12 incline with 3 speed and then toggled in bursts of running at a 1.5 incline and 6-7.5 speed and felt great at the end! 


I have been stalking this handbag brand for years and am thinking of finally snagging one for the summer. I love the understated construction! 


Do you also love New Yorker cartoons? I loved looking at the Most Loved from 2023!


I know we all need new meal ideas so here are 35 Cozy Dishes to Make When the Weather is Cold & Dreary



Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 


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