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Jan 16, 2024

Good morning and hello Tuesday! 

January has felt so odd and off schedule for us so I’m hoping we can get back into a routine with the kids this week. I know everyone is out here making New Year’s resolutions and taking time off from alcohol but I’m just trying to survive 😉 I did share a new ‘no-recipe’ recipe over on Instagram this morning and one of my small goals for the next year is to eat less meat and share more of my cooking hacks. I am by no means a recipe creator or chef but I love seeing other people’s weeknight meal hacks.

So, let’s get into some fun stuff from around the web: 


After much research including this Elle article on the Best Hair Dryer Brushes, I decided on this one and it’s currently 50% off! ($50)

Loved this article Trevor sent me on How To Relax on Vacation.

Making this Sheet Pan Chicken Piccata this week. 

Have you read Iron Flame? Fantasy is not my genre and I devoured it. Also read Fourth Wing following but didn’t enjoy it nearly as much!

Recently bought these silver kitten heels and can not say enough good things, grab them while you can! ($30)

10 Podcasts to Motivate You this year!

Currently reading: The Only One Left

My favorite J.Crew booties in chocolate brown are stocked and on major sale. ($140)

Okay, I did a deep dive on Drunk Elephant after my niece was in town this past weekend because I couldn’t figure out why this was the brand she was so into. Glamour answered my questions!

Found the Goldie Jeans you all went wild for in stock and on sale! ($198)

12 Cozy Girl Trips to take this Winter 🙂 

I loved this article on The Stories Food Can Tell.

I can truly not stop wearing these leggings, they go from errands to workouts really well and look elevated. ($89)

11 New Books to Read in 2024 according to Vanity Fair. 


Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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