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Dec 6, 2023

Good morning, how is everyone doing? 

I can not believe we are in this thick of December and all the festivities and holiday prep are in full swing. I love this season and I know it will be over before we know it so I am trying to soak it all up! Sadly Trevor is on call for Christmas this year but I’m crossing my fingers it’s quiet and we are having my parents over on Christmas Eve which should be a blast. 

Just a reminder, to take care of you. I know this time of year feels overwhelming and chaotic at times so I’m trying to make sure I’m getting some kind of exercise in during the week. Even 20 minutes at home is making a difference in my mental health!


So, let’s catch up: 


On that same note, I loved this article on how to be better at saying no

This Frasier Fir spray is my favorite recent Amazon purchase by far!

Did you read The Maid? I enjoyed it but wasn’t anxiously waiting to read this sequel but this article make me change my mind a bit. 

Between hosting my parents on Christmas Eve and our big holiday party before NYE, I was ecstatic to stumble on this article about making holiday entertaining less stressful!

This giant Candy Cane candle has brought so much joy and the size is spectacular! Will reuse the jar once it burns out for sure. 

I’ve been searching high & low for an affordable and understated belt and I finally found this one

Do you have friendship anxiety? I thought this article was so interesting because I think we all have it.

I love a slow cooker recipe and I added this thai red curry chicken to our menu as soon as I saw it! 

Speaking of food, these salmon crunch bowls also looked amazing.

Found this article on How to fit volunteering into a busy schedule helpful.

Shopping for Zahra can be challenging because she is into what Zain is into and we have everything from him around still! When I stumbled upon these magnetic blocks that can also be used in the tub I feel like I hit the jackpot. So many of you had great things to say about them too! 

Varley just released this fleece and it’s a combo of my favorite jacket and pullover, truly a dream! 



Hope you all are having an amazing week! 


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