Holiday Shop: Kids Gifts

Dec 9, 2015

One of the most enjoyable things we do during the holidays is shop for our nieces & nephews! Kids gifts are so much fun to test out and our oldest niece & nephew are almost three now and truly get excited about it – making it even better for us.

We try to find useful things that we know they will keep and enjoy since so often kids ignore the costly over the top gifts and want to play in the cardboard box it came it – right?

I tried to round up a few of the things we have done before and they really enjoyed. Stuffed animals are always a good idea for new babies and little ones and I have never seen a kid enjoy anything more than these donkeys. My sister in law swears by these pajamas and usually gets matching ones for all three kids every holiday season – I love them!

Let me know what you guys are getting your little ones – we are still on the hunt for the kids and don’t forget to grab all my holiday picks & a few new recipes in my 30 page Holiday Guide!


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  1. Public Lives, Secret Recipes says:

    Those booties!! Such great ideas! xo