My New Cut & How I Air Dry My Hair

Aug 17, 2018

how i air dry my hair

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So, I’m sure by now you guys have realized I’m not a beauty blogger. I don’t wear a ton of makeup and rarely do anything crazy with my hair. Mostly because I just don’t know how to do any of those things well. The one time I tried to follow a You Tube tutorial on a cat eye Trevor asked me if ‘I meant to do that’ when I got home and I got a stye the next day :/

The one thing I am interested in is skin care (I’ve recently become obsessed with double cleansing and cleansing cloths—more on that soon!), good base makeup I can apply in a flash and a quick way to fix my hair.

Once I moved back to Louisville, I realized I was in desperate need of a trim. Every time I go to the salon I ask for my hair to be freshened and when they start showing me how short I can go I get scared and keep it below my shoulders. Since I was seeing my college sorority sister Amber at Schaefer Studio Hair Salon (she also did my hair and makeup for our wedding) I was feeling a bit more daring and less scared that I may leave looking like middle school Shaheen with a bowl cut. She ended up taking it well above my shoulders and I LOVE it. 

My hair is thin and has some curl so the shorter length makes it look but more full and less frizzy. I am using the same things to air dry my hair daily but since so many of you have recently been messaging me asking for tips, I thought I would share. I will preface this by saying I do have some natural wave to my hair. Nothing crazy but the texture is there!

So ,first things first. Shampoo and Conditioner! I use Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day line and love it. It leaves my hair feeling light and fresh and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing. I don’t condition my hair every day (usually every other day) because it’s so fine. I do however wash it every day. I know you hear everyone say that’s terrible but I asked my hair stylist and she said that it’s different for everyone. Since my hair is so thin, it picks up oil quickly and she assured me once a day was fine so I’m sticking to that haha. 

After I shower I use this DreamDry towel turban to put my hair up while I get ready. I actually snagged this towel when I went to the salon opening in Chicago and have used it ever since. I believe they only sell it in stores but I have heard amazing things about this Aquis towel and this DevaTowel so I think any of them would work! 

Once my hair is starting to dry, I part it with my brush and start to twist in sections. I have such little hair that I can just pick pieces and wrap them around my finger and get through my hair pretty quickly. I know my friends with longer hair will sometimes braid it overnight so you can always try that too! 

After that I let it completely dry in those twists and right before I am about to run out the door I run my fingers through everything to loosen it up and spray a sea salt spray in. I honestly don’t know how much the spray does for my hair but it smells amazing and leaves me feeling fancy! 



It’s pretty simple and easy (#momlife) but one thing I do make sure of is that my hair is completely dry before I leave the house. If I leave with it still wet and the wind blows I end up looking like a poodle so be warned! If I need to tame anything for a fancier event or evening I use my T3 wand!


Hope this is helpful for you all and if you are thinking of chopping your hair, go for it !


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  1. Kristy says:

    Thank you for a realistic and easy hair tutorial! Finally, a woman that doesn’t spend an hour curling her hair and then lamenting that it’s so easy! You look fantastic and I am going to try the twisting.

  2. Zala Hair says:

    Great stuff!! It’s refreshing to see a tutorial that is both realistic and easy to follow.