Fall Beauty Edit: 7 New Products I’m Loving!

Nov 10, 2017

new beauty products im loving


With a new season approaching, my skin changing post baby and my concealer, powder and blush all running out at the same time I was finally forced to shop for some new makeup. I’m generally the laziest person when it comes to my makeup routine. I haven’t changed much about it in years and for some reason dread going into the store and finding my shades. 

When I got online to just reorder my staples that had run out, I was irritated to find the packaging and color had changed on all of them and I couldn’t just click and check out. Yes, I realize if the packaging has changed since the last time I bought makeup that is probably an issue. 

While my mom was in town, I decided to head to Sephora with her and Zain and test out some new stuff. I was specifically on the hunt for a new powder (possibly going to finally try foundation), blush, concealer and a new brow definer. 

I think the sales lady could tell I was a lost puppy when she spotted me so she sweetly took me along and talked me through everything we tried. I learned so much from being in the store and talking with her so if you’re on the fence about anything, as annoying as it may be—go into the store!!!

My biggest concern was covering my dark under eye circles (thanks Zain!) and evening out my complexion. I feel like ever since I had Zain, my loose powder just hasn’t been doing the trick. Since I hate the feeling of makeup and try to avoid wearing it, I was avid about finding something lightweight that worked. 

Before I go into what I bought let’s review a few things I learned at my visit. Although I had been wearing powder thinking it was a light alternative for coverage, it apparently does nothing more than make your skin look drier. If you happen to be oily there are some great powder’s out there but for someone like me with an even skin tone my powder wasn’t really doing much for me. Second, be choosy with the undertone of your concealer. I couldn’t quite figure out why when I applied my concealer it always looked purple. No joke, Trevor would always stop me and say ‘you missed that purple spot on your face’ if I forgot to blend it somewhere. This actually infuriated me and I hated that it didn’t blend with my skin well. Apparently that has to do with the undertone of the concealer. What I was using previously was pink and I needed a more orange hue. Since switching, I can’t believe the difference it has made! 

Here’s a few of the new items I snagged including colors and textures:


Tarte Clay Stick Foundation

This answered all my prayers for a lightweight foundation that didn’t feel caked on. You can really apply as much or as little as you like and blend it with a damp beauty blender. It gives my skin a nice even feel without looking too heavy or different from my neck. The beauty blender helps a ton and I usually use my big brush to do a once over so I don’t feel shiny at all.

Shade: Tan Sand


Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Ahhhhmazing. A tiny bit of this stuff goes a long way and I love the way it blends into my skin. Nothing has ever done such a great job as covering my under eye’s and dark spots. 

Shade: Tan


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

I previously had a MAC blush that looked good on everyone that tried it and I was determined to find something similar. This shade is stunning on and I like that I don’t have to re apply it like I did before. It really does stay put all day making my life easier!

Shade: Blushing Bride


Benefit Watt’s Up

I never knew the power of highlighter. What was I thinking? This helps a ton with my eye area and I make sure to apply just a smudge on my cheekbone by my eye and on the bridge of my nose. A little goes a long way so you can rest assured this will last you forever. 


MAC Prep + Prime

This is a staple I won’t ever switch out. I use this above and below my eyes as a kind of highlighter to make my eyes pop. It literally adds life to my eyes and I can always notice in photos when I haven’t used it. 

Shade: Bright Forecast


Benefit Gimme Brow

Although I have thick eyebrows the inner areas don’t grow in fully. Probably PTSD from my years of over tweezing in high school! I use this to just lightly go over my brows and fill them in. It’s basically a mascara wand and sis so easy to apply. Even if I don’t use eye makeup or lipstick, I put my brows on to feel presentable. 

Shade: 05 – Dark


Benefit Bad Gal Lash

The best. This stuff adds a crazy amount of volume on it’s own and if you want to use a lash primer it intensifies it a ton. I sadly have very short stubby lashes so this helps open my eyes up when I need it! 





Beauty products are usually costly so it’s nice if you can find things that last. If you have any current favorites send them my way and happy highlighting! 


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  1. Saira Harcus says:

    My cuz … try the Mac prep spray. You will love!!

  2. Lindsay Alberts says:

    I swear by my MAC concealers (although I’ve never used them under my eyes)

  3. Candace says:

    the Tarte Maracuja concealer is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

    Candace, The Big Blue Debutante