The High Waisted Bikini

Aug 28, 2015

floral bikini

beach snacks

flower bikini

outdoor wine glass

beach bag and hat

high waisted bikini

high waist bikini

chicago beach


bikini: Surania (c/o) | hat: Tommy Bahama (c/o) | towel: Vera Bradley (c/o) | bag: Vera Bradley (c/o) |  glasses: White Elephant Designs (c/o)

I can’t believe I’m wearing a swimsuit on the blog but that should tell you how amazing this high waisted bikini is. I must say when they came back on the scene I could not have been happier. More coverage? yes please. I’m not a huge fan of bathing suits to begin with and not someone who enjoys being in the water all day. This suit makes it so much more enjoyable and I loved wearing it in Charleston.

This suit is a bit unique and that’s all thanks to Surania. I discovered the site while searching online for cute patterns. They allow you to totally customize each aspect so no two suits look the same. You also have the option of doing traditional sizing or inserting your exact measurements which is a lifesaver especially for girls who feel like standard sizes never fit quite right.

I couldn’t have been happier with my design process and love the way it turned out. Have you guys tried a high waisted one? What did you think about them?

Happy weekend!


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  1. Tara says:

    It has such a beautiful fit! High waisted styles are so pretty.

  2. I absolutely love this suit – looks perfect on you!