Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jun 7, 2021


AirPods Pro | Hot Sauce Kit | Lululemon Joggers | Pasta Maker | Pizza Oven | Outdoor Jenga Set | Wireless Phone Charger | Yeti Colster | Personalized Book | Allbirds Sneakers



Good morning! 

How was everyone’s weekend? It was beautiful Friday and Saturday here so I spent a lot of time outside with the kids. Trevor was on call but it wasn’t crazy busy so that was an added bonus. If you are local and haven’t been to Tyler Park, it’s our new favorite. The renovation is gorgeous still and the splash pad is amazing! 

I know Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I just ordered Trevor, my dad and brothers gift so I thought I would round up some of my best ideas. A lot of these are things Trevor owns and I see him use the most and a few are ideas I thought of for this year! 


AirPods Pro

I bought these for Trevor some time last year and I feel like the noise cancelling is a game changer for him. If your dad/brother/partner uses their phone for work it’s great and the ear bud component fits different. I like the traditional AirPods and have never had an issue with them falling out but Trevor could never get them to stay. These fit different and he can run with them which is great! 


 Hot Sauce Kit

This was a random find I stumbled across when searching for my brother. I always think interactive gifts are fun and we all love a good hot sauce. 


 Lululemon Joggers

This is what I bought Trevor for Christmas last year and they are hands down his favorite pair. They are currently on sale but limited sizes but I truly think you can’t go wrong with any of their joggers or hoodies.


 Pasta Maker

Trevor and I bought this together for our anniversary almost 6 years ago since pasta making is such a fun date night. If you are shopping for a foodie, I highly recommend! 


 Pizza Oven

Okay, you may have seen the pizza’s we made at our neighbors with this oven. They were legitimately some of the best pizza we have ever eaten. They have a wood burning version as well I have heard great things about. 


 Outdoor Jenga Set

Since everyone will probably be having more outdoor than indoor gatherings this summer I thought a backyard game could be really fun!


 Wireless Phone Charger

Another purchase Trevor uses daily! It’s nice that you can put your Apple Watch and AirPods on It as well.


 Yeti Colster

I’m confused by the negative review on this because Trevor loves his. He used it all last summer and it worked with every beer can he tried. 


 Personalized Book

I don’t own this exact book but we have personalized books from this brand for both Zain and Zahra and they are adorable!


 Allbirds Sneakers

Trevor and I have both owned these shoes for more than 5 years and still reach for them. They are machine washable, so comfortable, and they sell the sole inserts separately so we have both purchased those to refresh them over the years. 



I hope that some of these ideas were helpful and feel free to leave any in the comments! 



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