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Jun 8, 2021


Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? Zain started a new outdoor camp this week with his little bestie Winnie and it has been the absolute cutest. It’s also allowed some nice one on one time for Zahra and myself which has also been so sweet. I can’t believe she is about to turn ONE and it feels like this past year both dragged on and flew by. Anyone else? 

As for today’s post, I had left a question box on Instagram Stories over the weekend and wanted to answer a few over there and finish up here. It’s also nice to have the answers saved somewhere concrete so if anyone needs to reference back to them they are available! 



Black Jean shorts you wore over the weekend? 

These are the shorts from the photo above ($17 tank linked here) and I love them! They are a bit longer length and have slits on the sides so they don’t feel tight on your thighs. Come in a ton of washes! (more FP here


Citizen Jeans you love? 

These are them and I just saw they are almost half off! The BEST fit and cut and easy to dress up and down. They have a little give but nothing too stretchy so I would stay TTS or size up in them. (more COH here)


How did you manage the emotional roller coaster of Infertility/IVF?

It’s tough and I’m not sure I managed it in the best way but my biggest advice is communicate! Talk with your partner/spouse and you friends if you feel comfortable. Not necessarily to talk through and find solutions but just to let yourself breathe and express how you feel. It’s not fair and can feel like the world is working against you and that’s okay to say. Take space from people if you need to and most of all, be kind to yourself! None of what is happening is your fault or then end of the road. I have a ton of blog posts surrounding the topic as well in case any of those prove helpful! 


Please link the tent Trevor and Zahra were playing in! 

Our is old from Land of Nod which sadly doesn’t exist anymore but is now Crate Kids and they have a ton of similar options! Also, everything on our third floor is linked in this post


Favorite running/workout shorts? Can’t find the link!

These are them! $30 and amazing IMO. Don’t touch my thighs, moisture wicking and a great length. I wear a medium in them and own two pairs which I was on delicate and hand to dry! 


Just started following you, how far are you into your kitchen remodel? 

We started April 9th I believe and have totally transformed the space IMO. We changed the footprint and a lot of the weird structural features. I have a few blog posts on the planning and vision! 


Best book you have read recently? 

Ohhh, man that is tough! I really liked The Midnight Library and if you are looking for a thriller The Wife Upstairs. I also have a ‘Book’ highlight on Instagram you can browse if you are ever looking for something new.


Your running shoes? What do you like about them? 

These are the shoes I settled on! I love my Nike 270’s for walks and or HIIT classes but I knew It was time for something more supportive for running. My knees would kill me after I ran in those Nike’s so I did a ton of research and settled on Brooks. A friend owned this exact pair and raved about them and when I saw the black/white colorway I was sold! They have great arch support and tons of cushion so I don’t have any issues with them at all. 


Favorite white jean? 

Man, white jeans are hard. I love this Everlane pair I have owned for years and actually just ordered this pair last week to try! Will report back on them! (more AGolde here)


Cute Nude Sandals that don’t break the bank? 

Rounded up a some favorites below and Tkees is always a brand I come back to when looking for simple but beautiful sandals that are not too pricey! (more Tkees here)



Jean Jacket you love?

I only own one jean jacket but I have had it for probably 10 years! I believe this is the exact style from Madewell but I think all of theirs are great. (more Madewell here)


Car seat Zain and Zahra are in? 

Zain is in a Maxi-Cosi Pria and Zahra is in the Baby Jogger City Go Air which I wrote a whole review on here! 


Any Trader Joe’s favorites? 

I have a few blog posts with favorites here and will try to share more on stories once the kitchen is done and I am grocery shopping again 🙂 





Thanks for submitting so many great questions and I will be sure to do it again soon! 



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