FAQ: Where Is That From?

Jan 11, 2019

faq where is that from


Happy Friday people! 

I’m honestly kind of sad to see this week go, it’s been a good one! With birthday celebrations, lots of family time and being back into our routine it really felt good. After the new year it’s always nice to put away the holiday decorations and start fresh. I normally leave them up for much longer but for some reason this year I was ready to put the clutter away! When do you guys take them down?

I thought today would be a great time to answer a lot of the questions I get on Instagram and via email. That way I can save this to my highlights and it will live there and here for you guys! First up is just a quick rundown of all the ways you guys can find what you are looking for. Most often my DM questions on Instagram are things I’ve previously shared before and sadly I can never remember to get to all of them. I’m by no means someone with thousands of DM’s but I only allow myself set times to be on social media and because DM’s can only be viewed and answered on your phone I often forget. 

So, first always check the blog! Honestly this is where most of my time is spent and most likely if I am sharing something on social media it has been linked on the ‘Shop My Instagram‘ page or in a previous post. You can use the search bar to pull up any old posts based on what you may be looking for. Second, the Like To Know It app! I know some people might be hesitant about it and honestly I was one of those people. However, after downloading it and turning all my notifications off it’s really just another app on my phone. Then if I see something I like on a blogger I just open the app, search their handle and viola! Only the most recent things will show up on my blog shop page but the app houses every photo I’ve ever enabled with links. Lastly, check my highlights on Instagram! I went through and trimmed all of them down (well, except Zain’s because I love watching his) so only the most often asked about links and questions remain. 

If you still can’t find something feel free to DM or email me! If you don’t hear back via DM always go with email. It’s much more likely for me to get to! Okay, so on to the top 10 things I’m asked about and where they are from and why we love them! 



We love this gallery wall! It lives in our den and came with the most amazing guide so we didn’t have to guess at all when hanging. Can’t recommend enough!

This is the mirror over our fireplace in our living room! I absolutely love it and it’s currently on sale. However, be warned if it’s on backorder. Ours took SO long to arrive and was shattered when it did. Luckily, I had it repaired easily and others have had better experiences. 

This is the rug in our den and the picture online definitely looks more brown than I think the rug is. I have several photos of it saved in my highlights if you want to check that out. It’s currently on sale but keeps going in and out of stock!

This piece and the matching one are hanging in our living room and we love them! Most of our prints are from here (same with the Taj Mahal and Horse print in our den) and definitely recommend them. 

I have a lot of the cups we use saved in the ‘Zain’s Update’ posts but this is the one we use for milk. I have found these taller ones don’t leak whereas the smaller ones did occasionally. 

These are my most worn and recommended shoes! I didn’t think they needed any break in time but they do run small. I always advise to order 1/2 to a full size up in any shoe from Everlane. 

These are probably my most worn jeans and well worth the price. The run TTS and are so flattering!

This is Zain’s kitchen he got for Christmas that is now in our den! It was so easy to put together (I know some are nightmares) and looks adorable. He spends hours with it!

Our big stroller is in a ton of blog posts but this is our new travel stroller and the one I use most often! It is sturdy (unlike the other ones I’ve tried), folds up to fit in an overhead compartment and has so much storage! 

These are my most worn and used leggings! They hold up so well, have no show through and don’t ride down at all!

This is the set we have in our den for Zain and he loves it! It’s been easy to keep clean and we usually cover it in butcher paper for his art activities. 


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