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Jul 28, 2017


chicago mom blogger

Pajamas on sale here

Well, this is a lot of what life looks like lately. Zain is a little over two months now which is crazy to think about. Having a newborn has proven to be a whirlwind and while I am always excited about the next milestone and him sleeping a bit longer, I am also sad at how fast time is flying by! 


everlane bridge flats

Rug – on sale!, Bridge Sandals – order a 1/2 size up!

I just got some new Everlane pieces in and I am obsessed with them. I know I’ve talked about the brand before but everything is such high quality without being outrageously priced and I love their commitment to giving back. I snagged these bridge sandals (go up at least 1/2 size!) and this dress in both colors because it is so flattering! I didn’t want it fitted at all so I went up a size but if you are looking for a more tailored fit, get your regular size. 


chiya chai restaurant


Ahh, isn’t my mom the cutest? A few weeks ago we celebrated her birthday at Chiya Chai in Logan Square. It is an Indian and Nepalese cafe that puts a healthy spin on their dishes like kale paratha and butter chicken with quinoa. It was all amazing and even impressed my mom (which is hard to do with Indian food) We also tried out a few cocktails plus the chai flight at the end of our meal and I must say the matcha chai is a must have! I know I have gushed about her before but my mom has been our lifesaver. She has been staying with us and helping me out with Zain since he was born. I’m not sure how people survive without help but I would never be able to get anything done without her. Besides the help, I have just truly enjoyed spending time with her. We haven’t had this much time together in so long and I know I’m so lucky to have her. 


club lucky chicago

See it all here!

We’ve been trying to take advantage of the nice weather as much as we can! The geriatric dinner time often has seats open (surprise!) and is much easier with a baby. I just ask to be seated in the corner of the restaurant and pray he doesn’t lose his mind. This is at one our of our neighborhood favorites, Club Lucky! If you haven’t been, try out any of the pastas and their martinis are to die for! 


serta icomfort mattress

Bed, Taj Mahal Print, Horse Print, Bedside Lamps – on sale!, Bedside Tables, Rug

Since sleep isn’t something we’re getting a ton of around here, we decided it was time to upgrade our sleeping situation. We just got the new Serta iComfort mattress and we are loving it so far. It’s not only insanely comfortable but the mattress adjusts to your temperature which is a lifesaver for Trevor and I who are always polar opposites on the temperature spectrum. Does that happen to anyone else? I’ll be sharing more on it soon so stay tuned! 



And, now what you have all been waiting for – Zain boo pictures! 

chicago mom blogger

chicago mom blogger

Zain’s Outfit, DockATot (we swear by it – more on that later too!)

baby bjorn bouncer

Baby Bjorn Bouncer, Bouncer Toy, Zain’s Outfit

chicago mom blogger

Travel Crib, Similar outfit here and here!

So many of you messaged me on Instagram asking about Zain’s denim jumper. It’s made by Splendid LA but I found it at Marshalls for such a steal! You can check your local store if you have one and if not I found a few similar ones and linked them above! 


I feel like we had so much to catch up on am so excited to head home to Louisville with Zain this weekend. I think it’s going to be tough to leave Trevor but I’m hoping for a smooth week and am excited to see so many friends! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Zain is such a little stud! Sounds like life lately is good! Love that you found a temperature regulating mattress- that’s pretty cool! We bought a new mattress in January, and finding the right one makes such a difference! Have a great weekend!