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Jun 26, 2014


So, this is the new life news i was referring to and afterwards realized that might not have been the greatest wording hah. however, this is a change i’m attempting to make slowly into my life and wanted to talk about what inspired me to do so.

for the last few years i’ve had a lot of skin problems. as a kid i had many insecurities but my skin was never one of them. as i got older i would notice bumps popping up here and there & i’m the type of person that can not stand to feel anything on my face (anyone else?!?) soooo, i found myself picking at my face while sitting in the bathroom sink uber close to the mirror and was left with dark discolorations. i thought the next step was to spend tons of money on expensive creams to erase them but i wanted to fix this problem from the inside out…

after becoming exhausted with this continuous cycle of blemishes i started researching what i could be doing and through chatting with friends found Lauren’s website & book, Glow Skin Detox Diet. Lauren breaks down how food is digested and how to understand food pairing, something i never spent much time on. she also has tons of helpful recipes for food and juices & tips on when to consume certain foods. the greatest perk for me is that there are different stages of commitment so it can become a gradual lifestyle change instead of something drastic i probably wouldn’t be able to maintain. another plus for someone like me is that there is an option to keep lean meats in your diet (i would die without meat)

the most important thing for me is moderation. my family, husband, & friends love to try new restaurants on the weekend and so do i! i’m okay with allowing myself to do that as long as i’m eating smart & sticking to my regimen during the week. after being so ill a few years back i find myself getting sick more often and when i do it hits me hard. i want to try to do what i can to help my skin & body from the inside out.

As always it’s a work in progress & i’ve been feeling great since supplementing Lauren’s salad recipes for lunch, detoxifying in the morning, & getting a juice in daily. it’s crazy to say i have been feeling great without my morning coffee & haven’t ever felt hungry or deprived. i still have the occasional weeknight glass of wine and will be eating out on the weekend sometimes (especially this weekend when my family is visiting) but i’ve already seen positive changes in my skin & it’s only been a few weeks!

okay, now enough about what led me here…let me introduce you to Lauren Talbot the nutritionist behind the Glow Skin Detox Diet. She really knows her stuff so make sure to read along to see my interview with her & I would love to hear your thoughts on the book & what changes have helped you!




1. What inspired you to begin this journey & write a book about it?

Oh gosh. I started my first diet when I was in the 7th grade. I had that pudgy look going for me, and my skin started breaking out. I was truly lost, directionally, as far as what was healthy and what was not. When I discovered the knowledge that drastically and positively impacted my life, I knew I needed to share it. I spent a decade suffering. I knew I could positively spread the light. The book was just the next step.

2. What do you think the greatest misconception about eating clean is?

That it all needs to be done overnight and perfectly. Eating well is a journey. Baby steps are okay, as long as you acknowledge that you have the power. Genetics and circumstances are no longer a driving excuse. If you eat meat, Okay… fine… surround it with greens and vegetables, instead of starchy sides.

3.  Is it possible to utilize only parts of the regimen provided?

Absolutely! Every positive choice brings you one step closer to your goal. I usually recommend that my clients change up their morning routine. This makes a tremendous impact and sets them up for success. The better you feel from the get-go, the more likely one is to make positive decisions.

4. What’s been the most positive change since starting this clean eating lifestyle?

Well… I lost weight effortlessly, my moods have improved, I am more aware of how foods make me feel, I no longer count calories, crave bread, or feel the need to work out rigorously to maintain a sleek physique. I sleep better, I have more energy, oh… and my skin is clear! I also have not taken any sort of medication, over-the-counter included, for the past six years, and the only doctor visits I make are “well-visits” here and there. My immune system is pretty darn incredible.

5.  What’s one thing you hope readers take away from the book?

Take charge! You are absolutely in control of how you feel. I want my readers to not feel “stuck” like I did and so desperate for a solution. This book was designed to serve as a reference for my readers that want to make positive changes, whether one step at a time, or all at once!


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  1. Mary Gatewood says:

    This is fabulous!! As my mother said, “Moderation in all things.””

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  3. […] and read it in less than 24 hours. Shaheen, who also read the book and interviewed Lauren Talbot here, agreed that it makes perfect sense. The book outlines what foods help promote healthy skin. The […]