classpass comes to chicago.

Sep 12, 2014


if you follow me on instagram you will probably have noticed that i’ve been branching out to new workouts all thanks to ClassPass. they launched here in Chicago last week & i have to say i’m a wee bit addicted. the concept is you pay a monthly membership (instead of your usual gym) and you have access to tons of studios around the city.  you can take up to 10 classes a month and up to 3 at a single studio!

last week i tried out a serious barre burn workout with John Nelson at Exhale Spa, an insane spin experience to say the least with Candy Morales at Flywheel, & closed the week out with some tucking till it shakes with Amada Gross at The Dailey Method. this week i have already tried dropping it like it’s hot at Mazi dance, burning at Pure Barre, & trying not to kill myself at AIR aerial fitness.

I would have never tried any of these studios if it wasn’t for the flexibility of ClassPass! the program allows you to switch up your classes which is exactly what i need. the only thing i ever did at my gym was classes but i get tired of the same routine and eventually stop going.

before i would drop in to a class or 2 here and there at these studios but it’s so costly i would never join. this makes it easier (and way cheaper at $99) to try different things and switch up your workout regimen. it’s also so fun to workout with girls you never could before because they belonged to different gym’s.

the site is insanely easy to use & i have already ditched my gym membership for ClassPass! with so many studios in every neighborhood it makes it easy to always have something to try. i have worked out more in the past two weeks with this than the month before so i think it’s doing it’s job.

check out the site to get all the details on the classes & studios and let me know if you sign up so we can try to take a class together!





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  1. Ashley says:

    This sounds so awesome Shaheen! Well have to take a class together!