Life Lately XI

Oct 21, 2016


Happy Friday Friends! I’m always happy to see the weekend and it seems like October is flying by. Halloween is right around the corner and I have no idea what we are going to be! It’s one of our favorite holiday’s and we usually always dress up, I’m just not prepared this year. If you have any good and easy DIY couples costumes ideas, please send them my way!

I thought I would share some fun stuff we have been up to and our plans for this weekend, since it’s been a while since I’ve done a mini life update. 

First, last weekend we took our first Sushi Workshop at The Chopping Block down at Merchandise Mart. We found it through a new site called, Vimbly and I can’t recommend it enough. You can search availability based on the day, interest, price or theme and find fun new things to do. I had always wanted to take a class and it didn’t disappoint. It was BYOB, 2 and 1/2 hours and went over everything from fish selection to proper rolling technique. The instructor was so fun and we had a blast with the other classmates. Next door was the pasta making class and I want to try that next! 


sushi making class

chopping block chicago

chopping block sushi class


Speaking of food I’ve also discovered a new quick lunch spot you should add to your list, Sweetgreen. It’s located downtown but I heard there will be one opening up in West Loop soon, which will be a lifesaver. They serve hot, fresh and healthy bowls that are seasonal and delicious – try the Curry Cauliflower! It’s perfect for lunch on the go and their selection of fresh tea’s are usually an added bonus. 


sweetgreen chicago

sweetgreen chicago


I also wanted to say thank you for all your suggestions to my hair problems I asked about on Instagram stories. I have noticed over the past few years my hair getting frizzier and frizzier. Although I don’t put heat on my hair during the week and condition it, my hair has become far less silky than it used to be. I started using a hair mask treatment and it has worked wonders. This past weekend when I straightened my hair, no frizz! I have been alternating between the heavy mask that needs to be washed out and the lighter oil that can be rubbed in before bed. I have tried using it sparingly just so may hair doesn’t get too much buildup, but it definitely works! 


This weekend will be one all about celebrations – which is always nice! Tomorrow night, we are headed to celebrate Jess and Neal’s engagement at their new condo. It’s changed so much since they first moved in, so it’s always fun to see the updates and enjoy some Big Star tacos and margarita’s with friends. On Sunday, we are headed to the suburbs to celebrate my brothers birthday! I am hoping to pick up his favorite BBQ from Smoque and a cake from Bake to take over and enjoy the day with my nieces and nephew! 


Hope you guys have an amazing weekend planned! 


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  1. Love SweetGreen! Can’t wait for Jess & Neal’s party!!