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Jun 26, 2018

best swimsuits post baby

Outfit details here

Well, it’s our first full week in Louisville and things are really starting to feel like home again. We are still staying at my parent’s and I just stopped by the house to meet our interior designer to go over paint colors and floors so that is super exciting. I’ll be sharing more over on Instagram/stories and hopefully have our video home tour live in the next few weeks! As for today it has been a while since I did a Ask Me Anything post and since I had been getting so many good questions I thought there was no time like the present. 



I know you posted that you got the Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller on Instagram stories. Are you liking it? 

Yes! I have had a post on it in my drafts forever and promise it is coming soon. We got this stroller mainly for travel but I use it for way more. It is incredibly light and folds up small enough to fit in a overhead bin on an airplane. Most importantly, you can fold and unfold it with one hand so you don’t need to find a place to put your baby or keep them while you’re on the go. It doesn’t have nearly as much storage space as our Uppababy but when traveling that doesn’t bother us as much! 




I’m pretty fresh post baby and am having a hard time finding a good bathing suit. Recommendations?

I hear ya sister! I still refer to myself as ‘post baby’ and Zain is over a year old and I have such a hard time finding good suits. I shared a post a little while ago on several one piece swimsuits I actually tried on and who I thought they were made for and the one I bought so check that out. I also recently snagged this high waist two piece in the photo above and am in LOVE with it. The straps are adjustable and it’s lined so you still have a good amount of support. Also, the bottoms aren’t too tight at the top so you don’t feel like you’re being squeezed in and overflowing. 





Does Zain sleep in a dark room. If so, what curtains do you use? 

Yes, a big part of the our sleep training was making sure his surroundings were always the same! We use these curtains which are so cute, a fraction of the price of the Pottery Barn version and work so well. We also make sure to keep it cool in his room and use a our noise machine when he’s sleeping. 




Are you ever going back to dentistry? 

Yes! My hiatus from dentistry wasn’t exactly planned. My office sold weeks (I didn’t know it was for sale) before I left for maternity leave so I didn’t have much chance to find something new before I gave birth. After I had Zain, getting out was much harder than I had anticipated and everything I interviewed for seemed to be a bad fit. Most associateships were in the suburbs and I would be spending two hours commuting plus working evening and weekend hours. After working evenings and every saturday at my first job I dreaded doing that again especially while having Zain at home.

Thankfully, this blog has become a sustainable full time business for me and I was able to find a (chaotic) way to support us and take care of Zain. However, this is not sustainable. I’m drowning and change is much needed. Once we move back, I will be starting at a new job at the end of August/start of September part time, continue to run this blog and try my best to balance it all with Zain. Having childcare is something I should have prioritized a long time ago but I kept thinking I could do it all. I am excited to get back to dentistry and hope that this new setup will be more manageable and better for everyone’s happiness.




Thank you guys for sending in such great questions and make sure to email them over whenever you have them. My instagram DM’s get lost so quickly so just put ‘Ask Me Anything’ in the subject line and I will keep track of them 🙂  


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