Best Mother’s Day Gifts You Have Given or Recieved

Apr 22, 2024

I feel like Mother’s Day always sneaks up on us here in Louisville because there is so much commotion leading up to Derby weekend that it feels chaotic and then it’s here. I got a few requests to share gift ideas for the moms or mother like figures in your life but wanted to do something more helpful than your standard product roundup so I asked you! These responses did not disappoint and there are so many fabulous ideas here, I hope it’s helpful. 


What you sent in: 


Clay handprints of kids hands


Massage or Nail Salon gift card 


Hotel staycation alone


Lake pajamas (matching with kids) – this came in so many times and I have never tried them so I guess it’s time?


Planned day of relaxation (spa, massage, mani/pedi friend meets you for) 


Sézane card case – can attest I own this and love it so much. 


Family photo shoot, pre-paid you just get to pick the date!


Customizable necklace – love this, this, and this


Nice Robe – own this and love it, more colors here! Also, love this one!


Bird Buddy 


House Cleaning 


Home Sauna – I have heard great things about this sauna blanket as well! 


Matching jewelry with daughter 


Ember Mug – I can attest this was a Mother’s Day gift I received a few years ago and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me LOL.


BOTM or magazine subscription 


Dyson Hair Wrap 


Wine or Recipe Subscription 


Plane ticket for a trip 


Grandma idea: Boat tote with grandkids initials 


Kitchen Towel with family recipe on it 


Mejuri Croissant ring 


Typeleague Press Mugs – also personally recommend! I have bought these for Trevor and my parents and everyone loves them. 






Other ideas I have: 


Minted always has a great selection of ideas – the custom silhouettes were a great grandparents gift! 


Tennis Bracelet – I always get questions on mine and it was a gift from a local jeweler but I have heard great things about this one. 


Current Body LED Mask – you all know I am huge fan of this and have found it to be effective and easy to stick with! I shared a full review of it on the blog and my code there should work for a discount 🙂 





If you think of anything additional please feel free to leave it in the comments for everyone to see! Have a wonderful Monday!


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