Our Baby Shower Weekend In Louisville

Mar 21, 2017

baby shower outfit

His skinny arm pose was killing me!


Ahhh, what a whirlwind of a weekend. I am happy I’m finally sitting down to write this post because it may be one of my favorites. If I am being honest, our baby shower was something I was fighting from the beginning. Much like our wedding, my mom is a super planner and wants to always celebrate me in big ways. As sweet as she is, I hate making a big deal out of things and what started as a small get together at the house quickly turned into something else. Looking back, it really was the most beautiful afternoon and I am so in debt to my mom and my friends Stephanie and Ashley for making it such a wonderful day for us. 

The shower was held at my favorite restaurant in Louisville, Ward 426. It is actually owned by a childhood friend but the decor is impeccable and the food insanely good. They created the most scrumptious two course menu for us and each course was better than the next. I wanted to try so many options and unfortunately waited too long to ask my friends for a bite, because when I looked every morsel on their plate had been devoured! Think chicken and waffles, mushroom quiche, and a shrimp and grits I’m still dreaming about. 

It was such a fun day catching up with old friends and new and we were blown away at how many people traveled to shower us and Baby T with love. As much as I did not want to play baby shower games, my friends did an amazing job at picking some pretty awesome ones and I’m not sure I’ve seen my mom’s friends so excited in a long time. You would have thought there was gold in the prizes! 

Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for making us feel so special. My girlfriends drove from all over to be with me and it really meant the world. I know Baby T felt the love and I can’t wait for him to meet all these wonderful people. Sorry for the picture overload, there were too many good ones not to share and I’ll be sharing all my outfit details next week! 




spring flower arrangements


baby shower cake

How gorgeous is this cake?

baby shower menu

spring flowers

baby shower outfit

Is my mom not the cutest?

baby shower games

Don’t mind how crazy I look, I just loved my mom’s expression!

baby shower

baby shower games

baby shower ideas

The best parents!

baby shower ideas

How did I get so lucky to have these girls in my life? They drove down from Chicago to be with me!

baby shower outfit

Where would I be without this girl?

baby shower decor

The best girlfriends!

baby shower cake

baby shower cake

I kept the cake topper, what can I do with it? 

baby shower outfit

baby shower outfit

spring dresses

baby shower ideas


Vendor Information:

Location: Ward 426

Invites: Minted

Flowers: Wildflowers

Cake: Pop-so-licious

Cake Topper: Etsy



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  1. So beautiful! It looks like the best time. I totally understand the not wanting to make a big deal thing, but everyone else loves to celebrate you! 🙂
    Classic Catherine

  2. Jess Zimlich says:

    I’m cracking up at the arm pose pic…hilarious. You are SMOKIN’ in this dress!! Sounds like you had the most amazing shower 🙂

    26 and Not Counting

  3. OMG, such a fun day! I’m so happy we got to come and meet your friends and family and celebrate Baby T! You look completely amazing! LOVE YOU!

  4. Supra Parthasarathy says:

    i love that arm pose! ???? as soon as you called for pics i was like “trevor, take off your jacket”, he was like “yeah, i know…” he was ready for pics!…..it was so fun and great to see everyone coming together to celebrate baby t! ❤️ can you put the cake topper in a shadow box for the bedroom with a pic of the cake and you two? or a mobile? or on his first birthday cake!

    • Haha, he was on it! It was so nice to have you there, thank you for making it! We are so excited to put together our Lego set this weekend – Trevor already penciled it into our plans 🙂 Awww, I should save it for his birthday cake – what a cute idea!

  5. Love these photos- especially the one with your parents! Congrats, Shaheen! It looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating.