Baby Jogger City Select LUX & City GO Air Review

Dec 16, 2020


Good morning! How is everyone’s week going? I can’t believe we are getting this close to the holidays. I am genuinely trying to soak up every second of the holiday cheer after such a wild year. We have also been trying to get outside as much as we can before it gets too cold and are so thankful to have a mild winter thus far here in Louisville! 

In that spirit, today’s post is one I have been working on for a few months and truly hope is helpful if you are in the market for a stroller and/or car seat. Now that we have owned the Baby Jogger City Select LUX and the City GO Air for a little while I wanted to share an in depth review of them. If you are curious about our side by side double check my review on that here!

Overall, I would say both are a win for us but there are things to consider and you definitely want to weigh out your specific needs. Sharing our thoughts and some information on each below and as always reach out if you have any questions!


City Select LUX

Price: Single $629 (on sale currently for $479); Double Kit $199  | Stroller Weight: 28 lbs (single) and 34 lbs (double) | Weight Limits: 45 lbs — each seat

This stroller is the upgraded version of their City Select model and a wonderful convertible. It has over 20 seat combinations and several upgrades from the original which I will cover. 




A few key features that I like are:

  • The telescoping handlebar that we adjust often based on who is pushing the stroller.
  •  Large canopy shades with mesh windows that actually shade the sun from the seat while still allowing you to peek in. This was a huge perk when we chose their double before Zahra was born!
  • Tons of room for storage: The undercarriage is accessible from every angle and has ample room for my diaper bag and several bags of groceries. We often walk to the grocery so that was a huge plus!
  • A hand brake: this nifty brake on the handle bar was a selling point for me. Being able to lock the stroller with one hand conveniently is a huge help with two kids in the stroller. 
  • All-wheel suspension: another perk that drew us to the brand when we chose our double! We live in a very urban neighborhood and walk a lot. Having the durable wheels makes all the difference when strolling through the park and city streets. 
  • Bench seat option: I’ve never been a huge fan of the kickboard option but the bench seat really appealed to me. Zain is already 3 1/2 so will soon start not be interested in being buckled into that seat. My hope is to snag a bench seat for him and move Zahra to the bucket seat when she’s over 6 months. It functions as a normal seat so he can see everything!
  • Small fold: The stroller folds down flat even with two buckets seats attached and automatically locks. 
  • Easy to clean fabric: I’ve found the fabric to be easy to wipe down whereas some previous strollers we have owned have been a pain. I have the Taupe color and love it. 


A few things to consider: 

  • The stroller is long! It’s 53” from back to front so can feel very far away from you at the handlebar. I haven’t found it to be a huge issue but again the wheels make it easy to maneuver so maybe that’s why. 
  • 5 Point Harness: Our double stroller buckles the same way and although I’ve gotten used to them it’s not as easy as just a clip. 



City GO AIR Car Seat

Price: $349  | Car Seat Weight: 8 lbs | Weight Limits: 4 to 35 lb and up to 32″


A few key features I like:

  • This is the lightest car seat I have come across and makes getting in and out of the car and stroller a cinch. 
  • It can be used with the base, without the base or in the stroller which makes using it between both our cars much less of a hassle!
  • It has the RAPIDLOCK Base with Belt Tensioning Installation Technology for an easy install, plus Integrated SecureStopTM Anti- Rebound Bar.
  • Low profile: I find this car seat to be extremely safe while still having a much smaller footprint than others we have tried. 
  • Easy to use buckles: Sometimes buckling a baby into a car seat can be an adventure. I find these easy to use!

Things to consider: 

  • The canopy does not stay up on it’s own: You will see two little clips on your handle and the canopy needs to be clipped into those to stay up! It’s not an issue for me when it’s placed somewhere but can be difficult if trying to get it up on the go. 



I hope this was helpful and if I missed any questions you may have just leave them below! 



This post was sponsored by Baby Jogger, a long term and valued partner. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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