A Guide to My Favorite Leggings

Feb 10, 2022

Top Left: Ribbed Sweatshirt – Guys, I am so excited they brought this back! My sweatshirt is a few years old and one of my favorites. I don’t see it in this exact color but they have several options including a darker grey. Runs TTS, I sized up to a medium for length and an oversized fit. | Zella Joggers

Top Right: Beyond Yoga Crop Top (more BY here) – One of the softest brands out there! I love this top and suggest sizing down since the material is so soft and stretchy. | Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings

Bottom Left: Free People Bra (more FP here) – Great sports bra that doubles as a crop top since it’s a bit longer. Love the square neck and runs TTS. | CRZ Leggings

Bottom Right: Amazon Crop Tee – Long time fav you hear me rave about all the time! Such a great color and length and runs TTS. | Lululemon Align Leggings


Good morning! 

This post has been in my drafts for almost a year and I’m not sure why I never sat down to truly finish it. However, this new year has been filled with questions about my Amazon vs. Lululemon leggings and how I compare so I figured now was a great time to compare and contrast. 

I’ll break down each legging I wear and try to give as much detail as possible and if you have any additional questions just leave them in the comments! 



Lululemon Align Leggings

These are my OG and most worn. I have owned my oldest pair for years and think they still look brand new! I would describe these as having a bit of compression, a lot of stretch and are buttery soft. These were created for yoga practice and not HIIT workouts which is why you won’t find a ton of compression in them. I still wear them for workouts like barre or spin and use them most often when running errands and hanging with the kids. You will likely have to pull them up and adjust them if jumping around in a HIIT workout but I’ve done it plenty and it’s nothing crazy. I will also say, I wore these throughout both my pregnancies. They stretch a ton and are still cozy and comfortable so it just depends what kind of feel you are looking for. Since they stretch a lot and I prefer my leggings fitted, I size down to a 2 in these. 



Lululemon Wunder Under

These are the leggings you want for HIIT workouts! They are made from Luxtreme fabric and have a ton of compression. The hold these have on you is quite magical if you are like me and enjoy a tight legging pulling you in. The fabric feels a bit more shiny and sleek and doesn’t attract lint or pile. Since these run much more compressed, I wear a size 6 in them. 



General Lululemon FAQ’s:


Do their things runs small? 

In general, yes. I think most of their pieces run very fitted and since they are intended for workouts have a compressive nature. I would recommend popping into a store and trying on several different things you might be interested in and noting what size feels best. It will likely be different in different styles. That way, when a sale runs you can try to snag what you want! 


What length do you wear? 

I wear a 28″ in the leggings! I like a longer legging and am 5’8.


Are they see through? 

I have never found anything from the store to be see through and do think the pieces are worth the price although it feels so expensive. 


Have they worn with washes? 

No, I have not had any piling or wear on mine and have some that are over 5 years old. I do hang them to dry though!



Lululemon Sale Picks





Amazon CRZ Leggings

Very very similar to the Align leggings! I would say the only real difference is they may have a bit more stretch which is why I size down in them. Again, I like tight leggings so take an XS in these. I love the length and they are squat proof, I have worn them to many HIIT workouts and been fine. My oldest pair has been in rotation for over 3 years at least and I haven’t had any issues with wear. Again, I use a gentler cycle with my leggings and always hang them to dry so I think that helps! There are a million leggings and these are the only brand/style I have ever purchased so sadly can’t speak to any other. 


Zella Live In Pocket Joggers

I know these aren’t technically leggings but they are my #1 worn joggers and my top selling item from last month so I figured I would expand on them a little here. These were a Nordstrom Sale purchase a couple years ago and man am I happy I snagged them. They are a great silky material that’s comfortable, not too clingy and is easy to dress up a little. I think they run a little roomy so I would size down if in between. 


I also often get questions about what I wear under my leggings and these seamless pieces are amazing! They are completely seamless so you don’t see them at all and super comfortable. I think they run TTS but I would size up if you are in between! 


Hope this is helpful and you all have an amazing weekend! 



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