A Few Ways I’ve Been Protecting My Mental Health

Feb 17, 2021

No lie, this is the best blanket to exist! 


Good morning! 

Today’s post was inspired by something I shared on Instagram stories a week or so ago and the collective response from you all was that you felt the same. There is no doubt that this past year has been challenging, bizarre and most of all exhausting. Life is drastically different for everyone and no matter your situation, I’m sure it’s been an adjustment. I shared how I had truly hit the ‘Pandmeic Wall’ referenced in this Washington Post article

With the pandemic still ongoing, weather turning cold and miserable and the vaccine not being rolled out quite as quickly as we had hoped some days can just get to you. 

For me personally this past year has been a lot of adjustment. I work as a dentist in underserved schools here in Jefferson County and was set to have just a little under 2 months off work after having Zahra. It’s almost a year later and our schools have still not gone back in-person learning. Beyond that, much like many of you childcare has become much different than we thought. We pulled Zain from school worried about the unknown and Zahra being so little. The poor girl has only ever seen like 6 people in her life and been held by even less. 

On a positive note, my business has grown and this past year was my best yet. However, keeping up with my business while adjusting to being a mom of 2 and staying at home all day has been less than ideal. I have been trying to practice a few things to help keep my mental health protected and wanted to hear how you all have been doing. 



Not the easiest thing for someone who works on their phone but I have learned boundaries are so crucial. If you find social media making you grumpy, angry, or short tempered take a step back. I found that when I was on my phone too much it was affecting how I reacted and treated my family. Setting time aside for my phone and work when the kids are sleeping and early in the morning when I’m working is enough. 

I also moved my wireless charger to the other side of my bedside table and behind my lamp. It sound trivial but not being able to see my phone has improved my sleep. I set it down there a few hours before bed and don’t think about it till the morning. I would often times wake up in the middle of the night and browse my phone if I couldn’t go back to sleep but this eliminates the option and of course my sleep has been much better. 

Mute people if they don’t bring you joy! I know ‘unfollowing’ people can be dicey for some and I feel that. If you want to avoid that but still don’t think their postings or stories lifts you up or brings you to a better place then just simply mute them. If I found myself feeling frustrated or annoyed watching someone’s stories, I just mute them and I honestly forget that I did after a few days. Social media feels far less bothersome. 


Move My Body 

Even when I don’t think I want to move my body I always feel better after. When I asked you all what your #1 purchase of 2020 was, the resounding top answer was Peloton (or a similar bike) I wasn’t surprised and I have to agree. I could not have survived without our bike and have loved all the new class additions recently. 

Even if you don’t own a bike they have every floor class you could think of and I probably do 50/50 floor and bike during the week so it would still be well worth it! 


Move your quarantine bubble 

Get away if you can! I know this can sound tricky during a pandemic but we think of it as moving our quarantine bubble. We have kept our circle very small but craved a new view often. Our trip to Charleston, SC was so reenergizing! We had everything we needed at the house, drove there and just picked up groceries to cook. Airbnb and VRBO rentals make moving your bubble somewhere new easy and safe!



This is something I am really trying to be better about because it always helps. Headspace is the only app I have tried but I genuinely like it. I believe they have a free version that you can try out but if you have never done it, this year would be a great time to try! 



Maybe my favorite way to escape and enjoy time alone. I try to read every night before bed and once I get into a book I usually carry it around the house hiding from my kids trying to finish it. I have several book reviews on the blog and save everything to a ‘Book’ highlight on Instagram in real time!




What ways are you all trying to unwind and improve your mood?


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