8 Things I Love Right Now

Jan 21, 2021

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Good morning! How is everyone? 

I’m excited about today’s post which is a new kind around here. I have found that I have so many random tidbits to share with you all that I never get around to over on Instagram Stories and thought this would be fun. 

Hopefully, it will be a recurring post and a great way to share articles, books and lighthearted things that have been making me happy and I would love for you to share yours below as well!


Ember Mug

I did not realize that a mug could make me this happy. I know it sounds frivolous but I enjoy nothing more when I wake up than a hot cup of coffee. It’s funny that we do all really become our parents. My brother and I always used to poke fun at my mom that she needed her coffee steaming hot (she orders it ‘extra hot’) and now that’s me. I would constantly be warming up my coffee and also forgetting it. The worst was getting everything set to feed the baby, cozying in and going to take a sup and my coffee being cold! 

Anyhow, enter the Ember Mug. It’s available in a ton of colors and two sizes but I snagged mine at Costco since it was on sale. They have the black version in the larger size for $30 off still! I personally think the larger size is a normal coffee mug size so consider that if you pick one up. It comes with a small saucer that charges the mug and you just keep it there when not using it. It keeps my coffee hot all morning and you can always adjust the settings with the app on your phone as well!



Pretty Things

I just finished this book last week and LOVED it so much. It took me a bit longer to get through since I’ve been falling asleep quicker at night reading and it’s a little longer of a book. The story surrounds two women who had previously crossed paths brought together by a dangerous scam. I loved the way the story was told, how it unfolded and thought it had some amazing surprises. 

I love Janelle Brown and if you haven’t read her other book, Watch Me Disappear I highly recommend that as well!  I will hopefully have a new book roundup coming soon and don’t forget I have a book highlight saved on Instagram too. 



The Daily 

I know I have shared this Podcast many times on Instagram Story but can’t recommend it enough. It’s so wonderfully curated and each episode is 20-30 minutes long allowing you to sneak it during an errand or eating lunch! The coverage post attack at The Capital was outstanding so if you missed those I would take a listen! 



The Target Bra

I shared this when I picked it up in the store but man am I impressed. This bra feels comparable to my Soma Intimates wireless bra that costs 4 times as much. It’s just $15 and comes in gorgeous colors and I found that it runs TTTS. 




Terracotta Bowl

I can not tell you all how happy this $35 bowl makes me! I snagged this in store but am so excited to see it available online. It is so heavy and beautiful and looks far more expensive than it is. If you are looking for a decorative piece for your home I highly recommend! 




Bissell Carpet Cleaner

If you didn’t catch the video last week, I borrowed this Spot Cleaner from my neighbor to clean our couch. We have this couch from Crate and Barrel and love it so much but kind of gave up cleaning it a few years ago. With two little kids it got away from us and I truly had no expectations for stains to be removed and just wanted to see if any dirt would come out. 

Well, about two hours later the couch looked nearly brand new. I could not believe it! We watched a You Tube tutorial before using it and spot treated a few areas prior to the vacuum and I think that helped as well. I was also truly disgusted at how dirty the water was that collected post cleaning and ordered one immediately for our house. 




Guys, SATC is coming back and it’s exactly what we all needed! Granted, Samantha won’t be back but I am so excited to watch the new series on HBO Max. I feel like SATC is one of those shows that you can watch again and again and never get tired of. 



Leopard Pajamas

Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of pajamas. I thought this leopard print was gorgeous and although I had never tried their sleepwear, Z Supply makes my favorite cotton summer dresses so I knew they would be comfy. I sized up to a medium for a loose relaxed fit but find they run TTS. 



Biker Shorts

I bought these $18 biker shorts a few weeks ago and have been working out in them constantly at home. They are the same brand as my favorite leggins so I shouldn’t have been surprised but the fit is amazing. 




Peloton Pilates & Yoga

Trevor and I have decided to try to make a Yoga and/or Pilates class happen each weekend. We both tend to stick to HIIT workouts and know how important it is to move our bodies in new ways. 

We have been loving them so much and I can’t say this enough, the Peloton App is so worth it even if you don’t have a bike or treadmill. Half of the workouts I generally do are mat classes, stretching, arms, yoga and pilates and they are all so good. If interested, my bike review is here!



Hope you guys are having a great week thus far and cheers to almost Friday!!!


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