6 Things I Love Right Now

Mar 31, 2022

Good morning! How is everyone’s week going? 

I have a busy day of dentistry today but next week is Spring Break so I’m off and I can not wait! Zain actually has a half day tomorrow plus it’s Grandparents Day for him at school so we are essentially starting the holiday early. We don’t leave for Charleston till Monday but I’m thankful for that because I need to get this family packed and ready to go still.

Thought it would be fun to share a few things from around the web today and if you are new here, these are some of my favorite posts! 



Why Have Kids? 

You know I love Cup of Jo and this piece was wonderful! Often times, I can personally hyperfocus on the tough times when it comes to raising kids but this was full of the most wonderful reminders on why it’s the greatest gift in the world (if it’s something you desire)



Atlanta is BACK!

After almost 4 years the show has returned and I can not wait to watch. It left off in 2018 which seems like an eternity ago considering we’ve been through a pandemic and racial reckoning since. If you haven’t ever watched I highly recommend! 



Smiley Sandals

As you can see, my old sandals were in despair so I finally snagged some new ones. These have more of a foam sole which I like and honestly make me smile. 



Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken Avocado Salad

Despite our weather not staying spring like I’ve been craving salads and pasta salads and this one looks incredible. 



Mouth to Mouth

My new book I picked up for vaca but am tempted to start it sooner 😉 A friend raved about it and it’s just under 200 pages if you are looking for a quick short read. 



Kitchen Runner

Thought I would give a little update on our runner since it’s been a few months! We LOVE it. It shows no stains, hasn’t started to fray at all despite being in the highest traffic area, and I get compliments every time someone sees it. I think it’s now in most of my friend’s homes 😉 



Hope you all have a great end to your week and enjoy a getaway next week if your Spring Break is coming up!




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