My Sephora Sale Must Haves

Apr 1, 2022


Can you believe we made it? I wasn’t so sure this week. I wasn’t planning on putting together a post today but last night I realized the Sephora Sale starts today and so many of my must haves are included, which doesn’t happen often. I thought about just putting together a graphic but I feel like beauty and skincare needs a little more explanation so I wanted to highlight a few of my faves! Be sure to use code ‘SAVESPRING‘ when you are able to shop.




Tinted SunscreenSupergoop Glow Screen

I also love the Unseen version but this Glow Screen has given me all the summer shine I wanted. It’s so subtle but makes a huge difference in my opinion!


Pressed Powder: Bare Minerals Bare Pro in Tan Nude

I have been using their powder for as long as I can remember. Love how light and airy it is and always lasts! 


Cheek PigmentILIA Color Haze in Stutter

I am a huge fan of this brand in general and need to continue to try more of their products. This one has been a lifesaver for me and you could use the pigment anywhere from your eyes to lips. 


Blush: Tarte in Risque

Love this blush for everyday and despite so much use it has lasted me forever!


Eyebrow GelGimme Brow in Dark Brown

I alternate between this and Beautycounter but just snagged this since it was on sale. Hot tip: even if you have black hair go with the dark brown shade for a natural look. 


Mascara: Ilia Volumizing Mascara

I honestly haven’t found a mascara that blows me away but I don’t have great lashes so that may be why. I like that this doesn’t seem runny or clump on my eyes!


Lips: Laneige Lip Mask


Foundation: Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint in Paloma

Goes on very light and silky! I mix it with a drop of my Farmacy Honey Grail to give it that shine but that is totally optional. I have regular/dry skin so it doesn’t feel oily at the end of the day. 


Finishing SprayUrban Decay All Nighter Spray

Another things I didn’t know I needed till I tried it. Since I don’t wear a ton of makeup I used to feel like it wore off really quickly and a few sprays of this and everything stays in place all night!





Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye Zone Treatment

Okay, I have never found an eye cream I was blown away by. I put them on but am never sure if they are doing the job. This stuff has been great! As far as I can tell, it’s only available here but will keep my eye out for it’s release elsewhere. I have been using it 2x/day and I watched the video attached to the cream and have been doing those tiny exercises while applying. 


Sunday Riley A+ Serum

This is not the first time you all have heard me rave about this serum. I have not tried prescription retinol but I love this and think it has actually made a change in my skin! I think it’s brightened and faded some of my age spots. 


Tatcha Vit C Serum

Another one I’ve had for a while and really like! I purchased based off reviews and friend’s experience and I have not been disappointed. 


Farmacy Honey Grail

This is mentioned above but I love mixing a drop of this with my moisturizer or foundation for that glow! I also use it as intended at night probably once a week. 


NuFace Toning Device

I debated this device for over a year and finally bought it when I saw it on sale! I’m very happy with it so far and need to be more consistent but do think it works. I still use it most often with it’s intended gel and sometimes use this Aloe gel from Target! 


L’Occitaine Almond Oil

The most amazing shower oil. I have been sharing this for years and it is an absolute game changer especially in the winter! You can use it as a body wash but we use it after showering as a body oil, so apply it and rinse off before getting out of the shower. I think this may be the only product Trevor has ever purchased on his own when one started to run out. 


KP Bump Eraser

I have Keratosis Pilaris so am always on the lookout for things that may help, especially the back of my upper arms. This has been great and better than the last few things I’ve tried plus the price tag. 





T3 Cura Dryer

I know that these two T3 tools may seem like a big splurge but I purchased them probably over 5 years ago after throwing out cheap hair dryers every year and them burning my hair. Let me tell you, I am still so happy. It dried my hair so quickly on the cool setting and does way less damage. It’s also held up and is seemingly brand new after this many years! 


T3 Flat Iron

I bought this at the same time as my dryer because I felt like my cheap flat iron was burning my hair. I don’t straighten my hair a ton but this works like a charm and I also use it to curl my hair when needed! 




I think that rounds out my tried and true favorites! I’m not 100% sure what I will be snagging aside from this Eyebrow Gel I have been dying to try. Feel free to share your favorites below! 



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