15 Last Minute Gifts Under $100

Dec 14, 2017

15 last minute gifts under 100


I still have no idea how we are just weeks away from Christmas and Hanukah is already underway! I swear the holidays sneak up so quickly every year and I think it’s because we are all so busy with Thanksgiving and traveling for that holiday that by the time we all get home and start decorating we’re already well into December. 

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I thought today’s post would be super helpful! With so many Christmas parties, Secret Santa’s and white elephant gift exchanges coming up you guys seemed most stuck on those gifts. I wasn’t sure why because you often think that smaller gifts are easier to find but then I started searching for my own and couldn’t find anything! I have my girl’s supper club holiday party this weekend and had been searching for my white elephant gift forever. I finally found something great (can’t share just yet) but made sure to include similar fun items below! I’m always torn between doing something funny and getting something they will actually use but I think you can’t go wrong either way!




A few of these are things I love and honestly live by! I shared these leggings on Instagram stories the other week and realized I never had before. Isn’t it weird that some of the things you wear most often you forget to talk about. No joke these are amazing! No show through and I wear them with a cute sweatshirt and tennis shoes almost daily. 

I also bought these pajamas during Cyber Monday (I know I have a pajama problem…) but they are super comfortable and perfect for the holidays. Some other small fun items are these water bottles I love and these earrings I wear constantly! 


What last minute gifts are you all picking up? 


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