Holidays At Home And Taking It Slow

Dec 4, 2017

easy winter outfit

Jacket: Topshop (runs small, order up – I’m wearing a US6) Similar & SimilarSweater: NordstromJeans: PaigeBoots: Dolce Vitamine are old, SimilarHandbag: ChloeSunglasses: NordstromEarrings: Baublebar – available here too! 


How has it already been two weeks since Thanksgiving? 


Heading home to Louisville to see my family this year was a little different since we had Zain in tow. Since I not only grew up there but also went to college and dental school in Louisville I have tons of friends that either still live there or also come home for the holidays. Not to mention the fact that Trevor went to medical school there so he has a whole slew of friends around as well. Normally when we are home, I feel like we barely see my parents. We’re always running out the door to meet one friend or another, often leaving more tired than we arrived. 

Since this was our first holiday home with Zain and had just had a rough week of sleeping with him (thanks teeth!), we decided we really wanted to lay low and spend time with my parents. We opted out of making social plans and instead hung out in pajamas and ran around with my folks the whole time. It was actually really lovely to take it easy, plan our days around eating and watch movies together! 

It was a great reminder that taking it slow is much needed sometimes and although everyone’s first inclination (or at least mine) is to say yes to everything anyone asks, it’s a good idea to say no sometimes too. The one time we did peel ourselves away from pajamas was on Saturday when we stopped by my friend Catherine’s house for a little bit. She has started hosting all of our childhood friends over the holidays each year. It’s a great way to say hi to everyone and see how many babies are running around now. 

Zain had unfortunately been over served by my mother (she loves to do that when I’m not around. Why do grandparents think they always need more food?) so he decided to grace my friends who mostly didn’t have children with several bouts of spit up…I’m sure they’ll be rushing to get pregnant ASAP after that :/ Besides that little issue, we had a great time chatting and catching up with friends for a few hours and were back in our pajamas at home before dinner. 

I decided to throw on the one real outfit I had packed this was it. All cozy pieces I knew would expand as I eat my way through the holidays. You’ve already heard me talk about this coat a million times! It sold out so quickly but I have seen both the black and camel coming back in stock off and on so check often if you are wanting it. A recent purchase I wore was this pink teddy sweater I have been loving. The color is beautiful and the boxy shape is super flattering. I sized up to a medium for an oversized feel and thought it paired well with my other basics. 

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday so far and make sure to swing by tomorrow for a post I’ve been working on for quite some time!


classic camel coat

baublebar tassel earrings

over the knee brown boots

camel coat

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womens winter style

brown over the knee boots

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  1. Elisse says:

    We spent our thanksgiving home in PJ’s as well. We usually spend it alone anyway (just me, hubby and our 6 yr old daughter) because we literally have no family where we live. ALL our family lives in Puerto Rico. This year especially, because of everything that’s happened in Puerto Rico, we wanted to spend a quiet evening to reflect and really be thankful. There are so many people on our island who didn’t get to have the holiday we all look forward to because they still don’t have electricity and/or running water. My parents and my brother and his little family still continue to live without electricity. They weren’t able to prepare the thanksgiving meal we all anticipate. We were so thankful for family and friends who didn’t forget them and brought them warm plates of food so they could have some semblance of normalcy. We’re hoping they have power back for Christmas but it doesn’t look promising. There are so many kids (my 2 year old niece included) who may not get to enjoy a glowing Christmas tree this year. Breaks my heart. So all if that made us want to stay home and reflect and be grateful.

    • That is so heartbreaking! I agree, it’s nice to stay home and be thankful for your family and be able to spend some quality time together. I’m so happy they had friends to step in and will be praying everything is back on soon and definitely by Christmas! I hope you and your husband and daughter had a lovely Thanksgiving in <3

  2. Kelly Lynn says:

    Does the sweater run true to size? I’m a M or L -all over the place but very tall with long arms.

  3. We had a slow thanksgiving this year too and it was nice. I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping- not even online. It’s good to step back and focus on time with family and friends. I laughed out loud at your story about Zain spitting up. It seems like grandparents want to feed them extra and also worry about babies being too cold. Oh well! I’m sure his cuteness outweighed any spitting up he did.