Pesto Zucchini Noodles

Jul 30, 2015

pesto noodles

pesto zucchini noodles



zucchini pesto noodles

I’ve been meaning to use pasta replacements more often and loved these zucchini noodles the last time I tried them! I decided to whip up something simple and tasty for an afternoon at home and Trevor loved it even though there was no meat so that told means it must be good.

I use this spiralizer but Amazon has so many to choose from just make sure you read the reviews in depth before you choose one. Make sure they are easy to clean not too flimsy because those will tend to break down quickly. These noodles can be served cold or hot but I prefer to warm them on the stove first.

After spiraling I threw them on the stove with some EVOO and just remove and toss in pesto. You can make your own pesto (I love this recipe) or just snag one from the store and add some cherry tomatoes or even a protein. My husband topped his with fresh grated Parmesan and that was delicious too!

It’s the perfect easy weeknight meal & I hope you enjoy!


2 zucchini

EVOO to liking

3 tablespoons of pesto

handful of cherry tomatoes

fresh Parmesan to top if preferred


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  1. Anna says:

    Totally pinning this one! I’m such a sucker for all things pesto! XO


  2. Maya says:

    This look Ah-Mah-Zing! Pinning right right meow 🙂 xx