The Best Places To Lunch With Your Babe

Feb 13, 2018

where to eat with kids chicago

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Now that the winter blues are in full effect, I have decided I really need to get out of the house with Zain once a week. It’s nice to take a day off from work, meet up with a friend and enjoy a meal out of the house. Last week we ventured to Summer House Santa Monica right when it opened and it was such a wonderful break in the week! It was pretty empty inside (besides a few other moms and kiddos), the service was great and there was plenty of room for Zain and our stroller and bags. You think you are being compact and don’t have baggage and then you get inside somewhere and think where did all this crap come from?

It got me thinking that I wish I had a list of restaurants and/or spots around the city that were kid friendly. Meaning not only nice to people with children but have ample space, not quiet, let you bring your stroller to the table (don’t care as much now but when he was tiny and asleep it is very nice!), have changing tables and all the other things you don’t realize you care about until you show up at a coffee shop with your loud baby…

I rounded up some of my suggestions to hopefully create a great list you can reference and if you have any to add just send me a note and I will update the list! 


Summer House Santa Monica

First up on the list because I loved this place before and now after having Zain! They are super accommodating, let you take your stroller with you, have tons of space inside to maneuver and the food and atmosphere are amazing. It’s one of my favorite places to go in the winter because it really does make  you feel like it’s summer in Cali and you are supping rosé watching the ocean. The food is also amazing and you can’t go wrong with much on the menu. My personal faves: breakfast tostadas, guacamole, turkey sandwich and dug the pinot noir rosé.



This southern stye restaurant in the West Loop is huge and super kid friendly! They even have family nights every Tuesday from 5-9pm where they play cartoons on the big screen and for every adult meal you purchase you get a kids meal free. What more could you want? 


Roots Pizza

We have always loved this pizza spot! Their pizza is delicious but they have make your own salad’s that we order all  the time. The area is large, everyone is super friendly to Zain and they even give kids a chunk of dough to play with at the table. 



Crosby’s Kitchen

Southport Corridor itself I’ve found is super family friendly! Crosby’s Kitchen has extra wide doorways for your stroller and kids eat free everyday from 4-6pm which is the perfect time for parents who need a break. 


Cafe Robey

So, the first time I saw a picture of someone eating at Cafe Robey I thought to myself ‘Did this crazy lady bring her high chair there?’ Nope, they are just amazing and have Joovy high chair’s for the kids which is such a lifesaver. You don’t have to worry about the table banging and grabbing for utensils and everything else on the table. It’s also insanely cute inside and the food is great! I have to be honest, it’s basically down the street from our house so it’s a favorite and I usually just hope  that neither of us have to use the restroom because it’s sadly on the third floor since it’s part of the hotel. 


summer house santa monica

We really love these disposable placemats

summer house santa monica

summer house santa monica

Someone loves eating my food!

best places to eat with baby

More food, more food!


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