What To Buy For Kids

Nov 14, 2017


Can you believe the holidays are already around the corner? We leave for Thanksgiving next week and before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas at Trevor’s parents place with all the new babies. Everything this year is a bit more exciting since it’s Zain’s first time and he’ll also be starting solids at the same time. 

We’re still up in the air about baby led weaning versus purees but that’s a whole different story. If you have done one or the other and have any strong feelings, I would love to hear about your experience! I think we are going to do something in between and see how it goes! 

I decided to start the Holiday Guide off with what to buy for kids this year! Now that I have a little more experience I thought I would share some of my favorite items and brands plus a few things I’ve already picked up for Zain. Also, a lot of you have been asking about what I bought him to prepare for winter (hi snow last week!) I am working on a post about that currently but for now I’ve linked our favorite things under ‘Zain’s Favorite’s’ shop which you can find on the sidebar of my home page. That’s where I always update things I’ve bought for myself and him before I can really get around to a blog post. So many of you asked about his bear suit and it is actually on sale right now for $25 but I think the sizes are going fast! 





Alright, back to the guide! I wanted to include things for older and younger kids although I’m not an expert on kids much older than my niece’s and nephew. As far as clothing, some of my favorite places to shop are Old Navy and Sprout here in Bucktown. They carry Milkbarn and a lot of other organic brands I like so if you are looking for a piece or two to invest in for the holidays The Tot is a great place to look!

They also have great affordable options for the holidays like this Advent Calendar and the $5 Puzzle! My nieces and nephews love puzzles right now and they keep them occupied for so long. It’s amazing how much they enjoy taking them apart and doing them over and over again! 

As far as bigger pieces, I am in love with this Pottery Barn Kids kitchen. If you are good at DIY’ing, I would reccomend trying out the IKEA kitchen hack because the results I’ve seen on Pinterest look amazing! For those of you like me that could never do that and always end up spending more money trying to DIY something that still looks terrible, this is your answer! 

Jellycat stuffed animals and the touch and feel books are favorites in our house, have you seen Toothy Sharkie? They have tons of options and are so insanely soft. They make the best baby shower and holiday presents for friends too! 

I also included these hair bows my girlfriend Rachel swears by! I’m fairly certain she keeps the company afloat with her orders but if I had a girl I would be doing the same. Aren’t they adorable? The new winter colors like this sage are beautiful. 

Lastly, I included some fun holiday books because those are always great presents. If you are stuck on what to get someone always go for a holiday story. Hope this helps you all out a little and keep an eye out for the next guide next week! 


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