Waking Up Without Coffee

Aug 30, 2016

Who doesn’t like coffee? Whether it’s a latte, cold brew or just a quick cup at home I usually never wake up without coffee. Last week, we ran out of beans and I had no time to run to the store. I quickly learned over the next few days that A. I will get a headache without it (hi, addicted!) and B. I can not wake up!

wake up without coffee

I decided to try to break the cycle and reduce the caffeine I intake. I don’t mind the occasional treat now and then but I don’t want to have to need coffee. I’m not sure it’s even the caffeine (I drink the lightest roast possible) or just the habit of having that warm cup in the morning. I tried to make myself a list of other ways I could wake myself up in the morning and so far it’s worked pretty well.

I’m not getting the headaches anymore and I feel more inclined to drink a big glass of water when I get up than anything else!


Get Enough Sleep: I have started going to bed at a normal time since I have been plugging my phone and laptop in the evening. I used to waste ample time on both with mindless activities and trust me it helps you sleep better.


Eat Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast. When I get lazy I grab something quick and small but it makes me drag all day. I’ve been doing better with these make ahead recipes but it takes a lot of planning over the weekend!


Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier: This may sound counterproductive but I find waking up just 30   minutes earlier makes me feel less rushed and gives me more time to wake up on my own and get things done in the morning.


Boost Your Beauty: I got a sample of the Fresh Skin Nutrition Booster and after trying it got hooked and bought it. You just add a drop or two to your morning face cream and it helps boost energy and just feels great on.


Drink More Water: So important! I am guilty of never drinking enough and have started having lemon water or hot tea in the morning and it gives me hydration and has me miss the feeling of coffee a little bit less.


Have any of you tried to quit caffeine? Please send all the tricks and tips you might have and hope you are staying dry today!


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  1. Mitch quit caffeine recently and definitely go the headache… but the water thing DID work! 🙂

    Kelly | Kelly in the City