trench thursday.

May 22, 2014


even though spring & summer seem to be rapidly approaching i find myself wanting to reach for a trench coat lately. sadly, i don’t own one and had avoided purchasing one thus far thinking i may not get much use out of it.

well, i think the time has come and while browsing for one for myself i thought i would share my finds with y’all and see what you liked! the top two immediately drew me in because i generally love a color or pattern but am hesitant because i want this to be a staple i can use all the time.

the bottom three are a bit more classic and would be a safer choice. i found some pretty great deals but always have the classic burberry trench lingering over me. i’m just not sold it’s worth the price and am afraid i wouldn’t use it enough to justify the purchase. if you have one i would love to hear your thoughts and maybe i can be convinced but i’m thinking more of the low side for this…

let me know how you like my picks and what you would get! i’ll finally be making it back home to kentucky with the husband for the long weekend and can’t wait to relax by the pool & see my parents! hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend & get to enjoy some sunshine!




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  1. Maya says:

    I am in dire need of a new trench, and these are gorgeous! Hopefully the weather will be nice in a few days so we don’t need to wear too many of them 🙂 xx