travel essentials.

Mar 24, 2014

packing for a trip? i’ve got you covered.

there’s a few tricks i’ve learned while traveling and the most important is that less is always more. i hate to check a bag because i don’t want to deal with losing luggage so i condense everything down to one carry on and a shoulder bag. i mastered this for our trip to italy and honestly never felt like i wish i had packed something more.

overall, i try to pack basics that i can interchange but anyone that knows me knows i love a good statement piece so there is a balance there. comfort is definitely key! when you are traveling abroad and plan to walk everyday good flats that are supportive are a must. also, a printed scarf & light sweater are perfect to have for evenings in case it gets chilly and always pack a good read for the long plane rides. my purse of choice for travel is definitely the crossbody…it’s light, easy, & won’t be killing your shoulder by the end of the day!

i tried to break down my carry on basics above and make sure to include some pastels & florals which everyone is crushing over this spring! let me know your travel must-have’s so i can tweak my bag before take off on wednesday!








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  1. Lindsay says:

    Let me know what you think of the book! It was a quick read for me, and i thought the plot was interesting, but I wasn’t in love with it! Also, all your other travel essentials are on my spring get list!

    • admin says:

      i finished it so quickly on the way there too! it was interesting but same i wasn’t in love with it…just started orange is the new black and i’m obsessed with it 🙂 so happy you’re back…gym date soon please!

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