Top 10 Reader Buys This Month

Dec 12, 2018

top 10 reader buys this month

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Happy hump day from Chicago! 

It’s been a whirlwind trip for sure and I can’t wait to share more but I’m packing up this afternoon and heading back home. I can not wait to see my boys and it’s so crazy how just a night or two away can feel like so long! I’m just happy that Trevor was off work but also a little jealous of all the fun they had, did you catch my stories? He really is the most caring and thoughtful partner and seeing him with Zain makes my heart explode. He really loves that kid more than life and so looks forward to their time together which is the sweetest. 

Well, enough gushing about Trevor 😉 Chicago has been a blast and it’s nice to feel like I’m here often enough I don’t miss it when I leave. I was beyond happy I got to stop in to Le Colonial one more time before it moves locations with Jess, Blair and Kelly. That particular spot is so cozy and I am so sad it’s moving. I also snuck in a shoot with Hannah (I have missed shooting with her so much) and last night was our dinner with the Skirt PR team which I will share more on soon!

I haven’t shared one of these posts in a few months so I thought it would be the perfect time in case you all were still searching for holiday gifts. These 10 picks were what reader’s bought the most this month and are always a great indicator of quality! A lot of them are also currently on sale which is always nice 😉


blue penny loafers

PS I just got these loafers in the mail (love these too!) and am obsessed with them! So comfortable and fit TTS.



These boots are my favorite! I am constantly asked about an old pair of moss green boots and these are almost identical and work with everything!

I had shared this coat as an option to the traditional puffer. I like the neck detailing and the glossy shine!

Another pair of booties I’ve been wearing constantly. These heels are a bit higher so I use them more so for dressy occasions and they are super comfortable!

One of my go to sweaters! This v neck version comes in several colors and isn’t as cropped as the mock neck. Amazing quality!

These are a bit of an investment but I will say I finally made the plunge a few years ago and have worn them constantly since. The only boots that stay up on my legs and haven’t worn with time!

I was so excited to see this! It’s my #1 request for the holidays and can’t wait to try it out. I feel like the reviews are great and it isn’t as crazy expensive as some others!

My other go to sweater! I wear this mock version weekly and own it in several colors. It is a bit cropped but if you wear all high waisted jeans like me it doesn’t matter 🙂

I don’t personally own these boots but have loved them on friends. They come in a ton of colors and the short heel is perfect for everyday!

Ahh, my FAVORITE pair of jeans by far. I wear these constantly and can not say enough good things about them. You can wear them all winter with socks and booties and the fit is impeccable. I reccomend ordering TTS or size down if you on the edge.

My favorite teddy coat! This one is a bit of an investment but I did share a post on teddy coats at all price points too. I own this in the camel and wear a size 36.


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  1. Sharon says:

    I’ve had those jeans in my cart for a little while now and just waiting to pull the trigger. Are they really comfy? They look like a perfect pair of jeans. Sometimes buying jeans can be tough.