This Month’s Favorite Amazon Buys

Jan 15, 2020

this months favorite amazon buys


Guys, how is it only Wednesday! I felt like this month was flying by till this week hit. Anyone else? I’m hoping we can finish the week strong and healthy, avoid the bug going around at Zain’s school and share a long post with you all Friday! I’ll be sharing a bit about our IVF experience the second time around so if you have any questions at all, send them my way! 

As for today, I’m back with another monthly installment of Amazon favorites and if you hadn’t noticed it’s very focused on cleaning and all the new year things! I’ve been deep cleaning our house, thumbing through all our papers and getting rid of anything we don’t absolutely need. 

I’ll be sharing more next week on how I’m hoping to switch Zain’s room over to a big boy room and transfer some of that stuff to the baby’s room! Any advice on that is always welcome! 

Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday! 




Why am I so ecstatic about this? We had 3 or 4 random filing cabinets after moving so many times in Chicago. I also could never find any important paperwork when I needed it. So, I went through every paper we had, cleaned it out and ordered this firproof safe to reorganize it in. It’s pretty heavy but compact and has worked great so far! 

These are the washing machine tablets you all always ask about! We have a front loading washer which I love but find always gets an unusual smell. I use these tablets about once a month now and haven’t had it since!

Another cleaning tool I am loving! I had been using our vacumn attachment to clean out the car and Zain’s car seat but our garage is detached and carrying it back and forth wasnt the most enjoyable. Trevor found this one for a great price and it’s so nice to have in the garage to use for any and everything! 

Here are the other tablets you all always ask about! I use these in our garbage disposal once a month as well and find they work really well!

I recently ordered these for my toner and have loved them. I’ve tried a few that have felt really scratchy and they are soft and thick!

After sharing Zain’s rosy cheeks on Instagram so many of you suggested this. We have loved it! We use it on almost everything now and it seems to work like a charm.

If you follow along on Instagram you know I have been cooking my way through The Defined Dish’s new cookbook. This works wonders with almond flour to replace breading!

A fun Christmas gift we got Zain that I never got around to sharing! He loves taking photos with my polaroid but constantly replacing the film gets costly. This has so many cute settings and he loves it!

Okay, after much speculation and observance of everyone shaving their face I’m intrigued. Ordering these to try and will report back!

This is the stool we got for Zain and love it! Holds up well, is easy for him to move around and doesn’t look like an eyesore. 

This is our save all! It literally gets anything out and has kept our white couches white. No rinsing and just make sure to test linen blend fabrics first! 


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