A Life Update & This Month’s Best Sellers

Jun 26, 2019

this months best seller

Outfit details here (my sandals are on sale!)


Morning! Anyone else happy we are half way through the week? I am most thankful for all the sunshine we have been having this week. It was starting to feel like we were living in a monsoon, so this is a much needed change. 

It’s also been a big week around here because we toured a new school for Zain and have decided to make the leap this year. I am in shock a bit about it all because I really didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Where is he now is wonderful and loving but not really a ‘school’ structure and more of developmental space. It’s exactly what we wanted when we moved and have loved every minute of it. 

I have always been very hesitant of Zain growing up too fast in the sense that I didn’t want him sitting in a desk all day. I want him to play outside and be little and free for as long as possible! However, over the past couple months we have noticed so much change in him. Whether it’s his writing, speech or curiosity we started to feel like he may need a little more stimulation. 

I am well aware I am not a teacher and don’t have the skill set to teach him everything he needs to know so I think this new school will be a great balance of outdoor fun and learning. He’ll also get to participate in hobbies in the afternoon like soccer and such so I’m excited to see how he enjoys it. It’s also on a true school calendar unlike where he is now, so it all just feels so real. I have cried a few times thus far and I’m sure this will happen forever 😉 I just hope that he thrives and loves it as much as we do. 

When we started him at his current school, it was the first time he had ever been out of the house in a school/daycare type setting and he did fairly well adjusting so I’m hoping this goes the same way. 


Have you guys gone through this and how did your kids handle it? 


Totally aside from normal life this week, I wanted to round up some of this past month’s best sellers that are still in stock and a few that are on sale! Hope you guys are having an amazing week and check back in on Friday for an update on my trip to Denver!



One of my most worn tanks! I love the button detail and a few colors are currently on sale and an extra 20% off with code DOUBLEYAY. Runs TTS. 

One of my favorite summer dress purchases! This can be dressed up or down and comes in a blue and white print. I sized down and am wearing an XS.

This jumpsuit is mom goals and is 40% right now. Trust me, you need it! Runs TTS. 

These tend to be a top seller every month but I’ve had them forever and wear them often. I size up 1/2 size!

I always get questions on this rug! It’s a wonderful color and texture (I normally hate how rough jute rugs are) but it sheds. It’s in our bedroom so I don’t worry about food spills but I usually clean up the shedding once a week. I think it would be hard in a higher traffic area.

My all time favorites! Well worth the investment. Loose through the thighs and perfect distressing. 

This is the rug in our den and for some reason the color looks so different in their picture! I couldn’t recommend this rug enough. Super affordable, shows no stains and is a great neutral. 


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