This Month’s Amazon Favorites

Jul 26, 2019

this months amazon favorites

Beanfields & Stranger Things weekends, did you watch?


Happy Friday friends!

I’m not going to lie it has been the most amazing week here in Louisville weather wise. The mornings have been in the 60’s and Zain and I have been taking advantage and going on long walks and by the afternoon it’s in the 80’s. We only have a few weeks of summer left so I am trying to take full advantage and do all the things with Zain. I’m debating a trip to the Newport Aquarium and Holiday World so let me know if you have any insight or tips! 

It’s been a little bit since I shared some Amazon favorite’s and we’ve recently found some great kitchen staples on there so thought I would elaborate. There are a few things I won’t buy on Amazon like skincare, puddle jumper’s, etc. I fear that they may not always be authentic and that specifically worries me but for the most part we’ve never had a problem with our orders and it’s the most convenient.

I originally bought a few of these staples at Whole Foods but since I don’t frequent there I was researching other places I could find them and Amazon came up. If you have any favorite kitchen staples you stock up on from Amazon please share in the comments!



This my favorite protein shake and tastes great. You can use it on it’s own or mix in greens and fruit. 

Okay, I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t get our bathroom grout white. Enter my favorite cleaning product! It is very strong so I make sure to use gloves when using it and don’t get it anywhere near your body. It literally works wonders!

This is the potty we ordered for Zain a few months back and I wanted to test it out before reporting on it. So far, we like it! We haven’t officially started potty training Zain but he will get on this on his own and go to the bathroom. Honestly, I just need to bite the bullet and start next month. Send any and all tips!

This is another Whole Foods purchase I ended up buying while standing in the checkout line. Why do they always tempt you like that? They are amazing, as healthy as sweets can be and they have a Swedish fish version that is delicious too. 

Okay, I tried the Nacho version of these first and wasn’t all that impressed. Probably because I wanted them to taste like Doritos and they are not 😉 This Jalapeño Ranch flavor was really good though and I’ve ordered them multiple times.

I have been very into anklet’s this summer but just couldn’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on one. Since I’ve been getting so many questions on Instagram about this I figured I would share here! It’s held up really well and I love how simple it is. 

These are a new to me brand that I just tried last month and really liked! I usually keep them in my bag for on the go and the salty almond flavor is real good. 

Okay, I just ordered these and haven’t tried them yet. Trevor is not usually into the pasta substitutes so I think I am going to try my hand at these next week and will report back! 

My FAVORITE! I’m not sure if I have shared this before or not but I love this stuff. It’s a great after dinner treat for me that fills my sweet craving plus the nutrition is great. 


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  1. Erin Skoog says:

    Holiday World has an awesome toddler area in the water park. My two year old could do all of the water slides, there is a mini wave pool and splash pad. We had so much fun Zain would love it!

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