The Best Way To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Jul 11, 2018

best way to shop the 2018 nordstrom anniversary sale

Can we believe this was a year ago and I was just a month or so post giving birth? Why did I do this haha!


Happy Wednesday evening y’all! 

I really debated sharing a post leading up to tomorrow morning since I’m sure everyone and their mom is already pushing this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to oblivion but I was getting several questions/messages on Instagram about what to look for, why to shop it, etc so I thought I would just do a mini breakdown. For reference, here is a peak at last year’s post and then follow up post where I shared try-on’s of everything I bought! 

So, here is the deal…


When does it start? 

The sale opens to card holders starting tomorrow, Thursday July 12th! It will be available to only cardholders for almost a full week until it opens to the public on July 20. After that the sale runs into August!


Why shop early? 

So, I’m not a huge fan of store cards. I actually only own one credit card but I ended up signing up for the Nordstrom debit card a few years ago just so I could take advantage of this sale. It’s worked out great because I build points and since it’s somewhere I shop all the time it’s helpful. 

Although the sale runs forever I will say that almost everything I tend to want sells out in the first two days and last year it was very hit or miss if they restocked it. So, if you are still on the fence about getting the card I say call Nordstrom and talk to someone—they are always super helpful!


Why shop at all? 

Even though I am a huge fan of snagging deals I’m not necessarily a sale junkie only because it is usually out of season stuff. So, unless it’s a staple I get scared I won’t like it the following year. Well, this sale is different because it’s all NEW merchandise that has never been released and full of good staple items. There are some trendy pieces I like to snag (remember the tie waist sweater from last year? Still a fav!) but they are such great prices. 


What can we find here tomorrow? 

I will be sharing my Top 25 items from the sale (you can see a preview below) plus everything I’m loving from each category. I am going to try to keep it updated as the days go on plus clean and concise so it’s not too overwhelming. Below the Top 25 collage I will break down items by categories for you and have grid’s to make it easy to shop. 

Aside from collages and product recommendations I am headed to Nordstrom when it opens tomorrow with Grace from A Southern Drawl to shop! I will be sharing ton’s of try on videos over on Instagram Stories and saving them to my #NSale highlights so you can always check those as well! 


What to buy: 

I always stock up on staple items for fall and winter like coats, sweaters, jeans, boots, booties, flats, sneakers and tops. This year I am also hunting down some stuff that Trevor has been wanting and a long list for Zain!


When should we check back? 

Everything will be live between 5 and 6am EST tomorrow morning so check as often as you like and my try on sessions will be live over on Instagram sometime around noon! 



Again, this is a sale and not the end of the world so take it in stride. I usually over order (FOMO) and return whatever isn’t a good fit or I realize I don’t need. Although I very much believe I need 400 cozy camel cardigans. 



2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Here’s to a long night and early morning of shopping with lots of coffee!


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