The Best Places To Shop For Kid’s Clothing

May 30, 2018

the best places to shop for kids clothing

My handsome boy! Outfit details here

I have been responding to messages about this topic for months and since it’s kind of a long one I figured it would be a good idea to put everything together in a post! Before Zain arrived I actually bought zero items of clothing. My brother and sister in law had so many hand me down’s for us and people were so gracious to spoil Zain with cute clothes. I’m really glad I didn’t buy much of anything in the beginning because if we’re being honest you are changing them a million times a day and all we cared about was what was easy to take on and off. Once he hit about 6 months I really started getting into his wardrobe 🙂 I have found a few brands I really love and always find have a great fit!


This is an easy one because it’s my most frequently shopped site so I can order our stuff at the same time. They have a few favorite brands like Mini Boden and Tucker + Tate. The shipping and returns are free and easy so it’s not a pain to return anything that doesn’t fit him.

Gap Baby

Probably my #1 go to! I love their pajamas, joggers, shirts—you name it. Some of their stuff can be a little pricey for kids clothes (in my opinion) so whenever I need something I make sure to browse the sale section.


Such a great find! I never go to the store here in Chicago because Michigan Ave is way too much but I wandered in there when I was back in Louisville for a weekend and fell in love with these pants. I bought them and the shorts versions in two colors and they honestly lasted Zain till last month. They are so well made and tailored so well so I just snagged another two in a bigger size. They also have the cutest sweatshirts and accessories!

Janie & Jack

Sometimes a bit preppy for me but man is there stuff cute. I snagged great stuff here for our trip to Mexico and his sunglasses are still my favorite!

The Tot 

My go to for pricier clothing items and the best accessories! I love to buy gifts for friends from here, Milkbarn is my go to for pajamas! I also grab a lot of little things for Zain from here like teethers and toys because they are insanely cute. Hape is one of my favorite toy brands and they usually carry everything I want from them.

I think that covers my most frequently shopped places and if you have any other specific questions just let me know!


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  1. Kelly says:

    I keep forgetting about H&M! Everyone says they have some great preppy kids’ stuff; gotta check that out, hahaha! LOVE U.

  2. Ashley says:

    Okay so I’ve searched your insta to see if you ever tag the source, but where do you get zain’s cute baseball hats? Looking to get my son a few ????