Our Stair Runner: All Your Questions Answered

Mar 1, 2019

stair runner faq


Good morning and TGIF! 

Why has this week seemed to never end? Anyone else?

Well, at least we can all rejoice that have made it to the end. We are especially excited for the weekend over here. My girlfriend from dental school is coming in town with her family and I think we are going to take the kids bowling and grab dinner.

As far as today’s post I didn’t anticipate getting as many questions as I did after sharing our completed stair runner on Instagram so I thought this would be the easiest way to answer them all in one place. This choice was months in the making! When I went to look at samples the first time I thought I knew just what I wanted. Something simple, clean and plain. Much to surprise I spotted an antelope print under a pile and pulled it right out. It was not at all what I expected to like but couldn’t put it down. 

I brought home the plain pattern options and the antelope print in every color I could find! After staring at them on our stairs for what felt like forever I finally decided on the antelope. However, I didn’t love any of the colors. They all seemed a little too bright for me so I went searching on Google. When I came across this shade I was sold but the fact that I couldn’t find imagery of it in anyone’s home on the internet in addition to the store not having a sample on hand because they had never used it made me a little worried. 

After receiving the small square sample in the mail I fell in love. I went with my gut and boy am I glad I did! I feel like it’s a unique and subtle take on the print and fits our home so well! It’s a great lesson to trust your gut. 

So, onto your questions…


Why did you get a stair runner? 

I actually love how all wood looks and the color of ours but too many people were slipping. First my mom slid down a few stairs, then me and then Trevor while holding Zain. The wood is just so slippery and with Zain on them so much it just worried me.


Where did you get it? 

We used Carpet Specialists here in Louisville for everything! They have a great office/warehouse here that has more samples than you could ever imagine and they also handled the installation.  Andy was our technician and is a literal miracle worker and so good at his job! We had worked with them before when they took up the carpet in our master bedroom and refinished the floors. 


I want to use this in my house, what are the exact details? 

Our stair runner is Prestige Mills Deerfield II in Coffee 77 🙂


Will the runner damage your stairs? 

Yes, to a degree. They have to install panels and a pad before the rug is laid down and all of that is secured in your stairs with nails. They won’t be demolished but I’m sure if we decide to not have a runner in the future we will need to refinish the stairs. 


Are the edges binded or tucked? 

They are binded. We chose a black material and I love how well it blends with the actual carpet so it almost doesn’t show. I didn’t want contrasted edging or anything that stood out! 


How far from the edges of the stairs should the runner be? 

I think whoever installs your runner will discuss with you what’s best for your stairs! Our home is old so nothing is standard. Our stairs are actually longer at the bottom than top, wider on one side and not level. We discussed the edges, length from the stairs and the tucking all at install. I think the general rule of thumb is 4″ and ours was close to that. 


Did you choose Waterfall or Hollywood? 

I am so bad at all these technical terms but we chose Hollywood. This is just referring to how  the carpet runs down the front of the stair. I like the look of it being tucked more but I noticed my parents have waterfall (where it just rolls over the stair) and I had never even noticed. 


I think this answers most of the questions I got! Hopefully if you are considering this helps a bit and you can always check my stories for a more detailed look at the install and finished result! 





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