Spring Cravings

Mar 1, 2021

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Guys, I am tired of sweaters. Anyone else? The winter weather has somehow suddenly become unbearable. We are craving a getaway and are thinking of moving our quarantine bubble down south in the next month or two if we can manage to. This exciting adventure has also made me thrilled to peek at new spring pieces

I have been searching high and low for some cute new swimsuits since I was pregnant last summer but have truly been coming up short. If you have found anything that has real booty coverage (I am not a cheeky bikini girl) let me know! I will try to do a round-up on feedback in the next few weeks. 

As for the spring months, I am here for the florals, color and everything in between. I am generally not a huge pattern of color person but something about this past year has been longing for all the happy feeling clothing! I rounded up some favorites I personally own below along with a ton I have my eye on from some of my favorite brands. 





Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 




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