Weekend Steals: Mother’s Day Edition

May 5, 2018



Morning guys! 

I hope you weekend is starting off relaxing in bed with a giant cup of coffee 🙂 I am so excited because we decided to skip Derby this year (since we will be living there next year) and lay low this weekend. It’s the only weekend this month we don’t have a a ton of plans so I’m excited to do things like clean out our storage closet, finally grab some things for Zain’s birthday party and clean. I feel like that makes me sound old? 

A lot of you messaged me about the photo I posted on Instagram stories of shoes I was getting rid of. I usually donate everything but will be selling this time around! I am in the process of cleaning everything out so we don’t have to move things we don’t want and as soon as stuff get’s listed on Poshmark I will let you all know! 

As for today’s post, I’m rounding up some amazing Mother’s Day gifts that are either on sale or total steals! Last year’s Mothers Day seems so far away but I remember it so well. My parents were in town and we went to Dixie for brunch. I was so swollen from the heat and being super pregnant and I can’t believe he came just a few weeks later. This year, we are headed to brunch as a little family of 3. Trevor is on call but let’s all cross our fingers he doesn’t get called in 🙂 We are heading to City Mouse (I’ve been dying to go!) and I can not wait. If you have any recommendations please send them my way!

What are you guys doing for Mother’s Day? 



The comfiest sneakers I own! I honestly wear them everyday and their new spring colors are perfect. 

I have last year’s version of these earrings and get so much use out of them. With the gold and silver they go with almost anything and I get so many compliments on them!

An amazingly affordable version of this everyday tote. Comes in two colors and will get so much use!

I think this is so cute! Not sure my mom would wear it but I snagged it for my friend!

This is one of my favorite clean beauty brands and I am slowly trying to convert my mom. A great intro pack!

I just bought these for my mom a few weeks ago and she LOVES them! Way more affordable than their traditional slide. 

This new sleeker version is on sale and a great gift idea!

I have these pajamas in the short version and live in them. They are so insanely comfortable!

Another one I bought my mom last year for Mother’s Day. I think she wears it everyday and I usually try to steal it when I’m home. 

Makeup is something my mom never buys herself so I think this is always a great idea! 


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