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Feb 8, 2019

yeti coffee mug

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Ever get the greatest joy out of some of the smallest things? Yea, me too. I thought it would be fun to share some recent things I’ve acquired or fallen in love with again that have been making my life better. These range from the smallest items to some bigger additions changes but each one is something I couldn’t live without! 



Okay, this first one is no small investment but man is it life changing. My parents got this for Christmas which was a total surprise. When I opened I immediately told them to take it back but my mom strongly encouraged me to keep it and can I just say what in the world was I thinking? This guy is my new best friend. If you have a toddler you know that crumbs, mess and spills happen constantly. I mop and clean once a week but this buddy has saved me hours of clean up in between. I can run him in rooms without ever being there and he is constantly cleaning up after us. If you are on the fence I say go for it and I have talked to several friends who have other versions and love them too!


No Show Socks

As someone who wears sneakers literally most of my life I finally found no show socks that work thanks to the girls over at Somewhere, Lately. 


Yeti Mug

Trevor just recently bought this for me as a surprise! I am constantly microwaving my coffee because it ends up cold while I’m chasing Zain and I hate worrying about spilling it on him when he jumps all over me. I have loved this so much but do make sure you are removing the black band on the inside of the lid when you wash it because it can grow mold behind it :/


Wine Glass

I posted a video with this wine glass the other night and got so many questions about it! Honestly, I have been using stemless glasses so much (love these!) that I forgot all about these. I had stumbled upon these years ago when I wandered into Crate & Barrel on a mission to grab those giant goblets Kerry Washington was always drinking out of on Scandal and ended up liking these better!


Sock Booties

I admit I waited so long to buy these. I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t get much use out of them because I thought I couldn’t wear them with jeans but I was wrong. They went on sale, I went for it and I have worn them with jeans, skirts, pants, you name it. They fit TTS and if you are thinking about it I say go for it! 


Record Player

I asked you all on Instagram for your record player recommendation last week and so many of you responded that you were looking for the same answers. We eventually decided on this Crosley Nomad thanks to you all and have been loving it! We don’t currently have a sound bar and didn’t really want to buy specific speakers for the record player so this was a great option for us. It also fits with our decor and comes in an army green color too! Other recommendations were Pro-ject Audio, Crosley Turn Table and Audio Technica!



Bought anything lately that you can’t get enough of? Share below! 


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