Recent August Outfits

Aug 23, 2023

Good morning! How is everyone’s week? This is our first full week of school and feels a lot less chaotic thankfully. Wanted to pop on to share a few recent outfits and remind you that everything is always linked over on LTK – you can follow me yhere! I also store my height, sizes, etc there in my profile as well as sizing details if that’s helpful.  



Amazon Sunglasses | Exercise Dress | Crew Socks | Daisy Necklace | Marni Tote



Amazon Sunglasses | Crop Top | Leggings | Yoga Mat



Crop Top | Amazon Leggings | Slides



Boucle Sweater | Tank | Jeans | Clogs | Mini Tote



Pullover | Tank | Stretch Pants | Sneakers



Hat | Tank | Sweatpants | Slippers



Tank | Jeans | Mary Janes



Tee | Cargos | Slides



Linen Tank | Maxi Skirt | Sambas | Bag




Hope you have a fabulous week! 


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