Pomp & Circumstance

Oct 1, 2015

chicago restaurant

french press coffee



pineapple cocktail

bicsuits and gravy

french toast

brioche french toast

 I hate to torture you and show you these delicious brunch pictures when we are still struggling to get to the weekend but at least it’s something to look forward to!

Last weekend we stopped by a new spot in old town, Pomp & Circumstance. From a interior decor standpoint this place is stunn-ing. I loved the relaxed ambiance with an old school feel and wanted to steal the mustard bar stools and emerald couches.

We sat in the garden patio since it was the perfect fall day and I loved the vertical gardens that lined the walls. My only catch with the decor is that there were big screen TV’s on the bar and outside but I didn’t get that vibe from the rest of the place so it seemed a bit odd to me.

The coffee won us over before we even ordered. Trevor & I are both caffeine snobs and my french press came out with a timer and his cappuccino was delicious. We decided to try sweet and savory with the biscuits and gravy and brioche french toast. The french toast was exactly how I like it – not too sweet and a bit of crunch. The fruit compote was perfect and I would tell you how I felt about Trevor’s biscuits but he ate it all before I could try it.

We finished off with the giant ‘shakedown’ cocktail served in a bronze pineapple! I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to steal it but next time I’m in i want to try the Bloody Mary or rosé mimosa.

Let me know if you guys stop by & what you like and let’s meet for another pineapple cocktail soon?



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  1. I heard it’s your birthday! Happy birthday!!


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