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Feb 1, 2018

Hi guys! I am so so excited the weekend is almost here. Trevor is off this weekend and we are heading to Neal and Jess’ for the Superbowl and I am ready for a little relaxation and let’s be honest—Bird’s Nest wings! 


hape baby walker


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Zain’s clothes, products, bath stuff and beyond so I’m really excited to share some big news with you all today! I’m going to be expanding on some of my favorite bay products we’ve used below but I now also have my own Amazon page that you can always reference!!!

What this means is you can now see all my favorite products and purchases here! A lot of the stuff we get for Zain is from Amazon so this will be very convenient. Anything better than prime shipping with a baby? No.

I also order fashion stuff from there, especially when it’s sold out other places. Things like my snow boots everyone asks about that I couldn’t find anywhere else, were there! So, anytime you want to check out what we use or buy, check out this page and I will be sure to add the link to my Instagram stories highlight reel today along with a few instructions so you can always check back there too! 


favorite baby products


So, onto our favorites: 


Car Seats

When Zain came home from the hospital we were ecstatic to have the Uppababy Mesa car seat. I know the car seat we have now can hold from 5 to 85 pounds but I can’t imagine putting tiny Zain in there when he was so small. It was so nice to have something smaller that clicked right into our stroller so we didn’t have to wake Zain up while traveling. The material was really easy to clean and we were sad to see it go!

Once Zain got much bigger and so tall, we had to switch him out. I asked you all on Instagram for your recommendations and like always, you all were so helpful. We decided to go test them out, see size’s person (totally recommend!) and get a feel for what would work best in our car. We decided on this Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Max and are really happy with our choice. It’s so easy to get Zain in and out of the car and that magnetic clip is such a lifesaver. We ordered the blue color which is gorgeous in person and I have gotten so many messages from people saying they have washed it a million times and it still looks brand new! 



The Babyletto Hudson Crib originally caught my eye because of how beautiful it was! I love that it’s not crazy expensive (for a crib, that is) and has worked really well for us so far. We recently lowered it when Zain started pulling himself up and it was a cinch to do. Also, if you happen to live in a city, it’s really compact and allows space for plenty of other furniture. 



Okay, so before Zain came I was very against getting a rocker. They were gigantic and I didn’t want the footrest. I mostly sit cross legged and just didn’t want to lose that extra space. I came across this chair and decided to give it a go! When it was delivered, I panicked. I thought it was way too large and unnecessary but I can’t tell you how much we love it. It’s incredibly comfortable, stylish and it’s oversized seat is perfect for breastfeeding, giving a bottle, reading, you name it. We couldn’t survive without it! 


Grab and Go Diaper Changer

This little contraption is nothing new but we love it. It’s small enough for me to stick in my diaper bag and always comes in handy. It fits wipes, a few diapers and my creams for Zain and I love their designs. 


Babo Botanicals Body Wash/Shampoo

I just recently started using this brand and am in love! It’s all natural and safe for babe so I was ecstatic that it lathered so well and didn’t run out quickly. They also have a diaper cream that I’ve been wanting to try but we are still using our Beauty Counter one! 


Dr.Browns Bottles

We swear by these! They are thin enough for Zain to hold easily and since he had so much reflux as a baby (and still spits up) we like the added benefit of trapping that gas! We use the glass and plastic ones and have great things to say about both! I’ve also been using their balm lotion on Zain since it got really cold and have been seeing great results. I usually alternate between that and the Beauty Counter oil!


Skip Hop Activity Center 

This saves my life! As soon as Zain started sitting up and wanting to explore more, I went searching for an activity center. Sadly, most of them are HUGE and beyond that wildly loud and ugly. With such a small place, we can’t really get this out of sight so I wanted something with great reviews that was also aesthetically pleasing. This it it! The platform can lower several stages as your baby grows, it’s easy to clean and Zain loves it. It even turns into a table when they outgrow the seat which is so nice! 


Skip Hop Foam Mat

This is another lifesaver once your baby starts moving and exploring more! We have all hardwood floors so this creates a nice soft space for him to explore and it’s incredibly easy to clean. Only downside is he loves to take it apart, ha. 


Hape Walker 

Since Zain started pulling himself up and taking steps I really wanted to find a walker that wouldn’t tip. My worry was that he would try to constantly pull himself up on the walker and it would fall on him. I read a ton of reviews and everyone seemed to think this one was great for beginners and I agree! It’s so sturdy, the design is great and Zain loves all the toys on the sides. I’m really tempted to sit his little butt in it and push him around but I know if I do it once, he may make me do it all day so I’ve resisted. 




What kind of stuff have you guys been loving? There is so much out there it’s sometimes hard to siphon through and I love hearing from other parents! 


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