On Our Menu This Week

Aug 28, 2022

Hello and happy Sunday! 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, we are soaking up the sunshine and getting ready for Zahra to head back to preschool tomorrow. I just wanted to quickly share our meal plan for this week since you all seemed to enjoy that last week and requested earlier in the week so you could possibly add things to your menu!


Sunday: Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Chicken

Monday: Pizza Hut after soccer 🙂

Tuesday: White Bean Turkey Chili

Wednesday: Salmon, roasted broccoli, & couscous – I loosley use this DD salmon marinade and like the Far East couscous at the grocery.

Thursday: Veggie pasta & ground turkey – I usually throw the rotini from TJ’s on with ground turkey cooked in Muir Glen pasta sauce and some veggies. The kids always love it! 

Friday: Chicken Caprese Skillet



Hope that’s helpful and have a wonderful evening! 


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