October’s Best Sellers

Nov 6, 2020

Coat: Everlane – one of my favorite light layers! Runs oversized so stay TTS. | Tee: Aerie | Leggings: Amazon | Shoes: Nike

Good morning! 

Can we believe it’s November already? I know this holiday season already feels weird because of so much changing in the world. I’ve heard from a lot of you who will be spending the Holidays in smaller groups or apart from loved ones because of Covid-19 and I feel you. 

We generally split Thanksgiving and Christmas with our respective families but it’s still all up in the air. We definitely won’t be seeing my brothers family and Trevor’s because of exposure risks with their respective kids and jobs which is really sad. None of them have met Zahra and I feel like she is growing so fast and everyone is missing out on it. I have to remind myself that we are lucky to have my parent’s close by and I will hopefully be able to make the holiday’s extra special in other ways for the kids. 

As for today, I wanted to quickly share October’s Best Sellers! I love to look at these just to see what you all are connecting with and also share some great options for gifts. You all were so helpful with the Gift Guide and Small Business suggestions and those will start going live next week so stay tuned!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Coming in at #1 is the The BEST pan! You all know how much I love this pan and just shared a big review on it last week. This would make an amazing holiday gift for anyone!

One of my favorite classic camel coats and it is still on sale. I recommend your true size to allow room for sweaters and such!

My favorite Amazon leggings! Not see through and feel the closest to the Align leggings that I’ve found for a fraction of the price. I have owned two pairs for over 2 years and they have help up. TTS unless you are in between and then I would size down. 

One of my favorite sweaters they make! I like the texture of the stitch and have worn it for years. TTS. 

The Amazon tunic everyone has been talking about. I have washed mine a handful of times and it’s done well. I wash on gentle and hang to dry like all my sweaters! I am wearing a small and this is the ‘Caramel’ color I have but I think it looks much more burnt orange. Great length with leggings!

The new print in Align leggings that I snagged for my birthday! They have a few shades but I love this color combo. 

My non-toxic magic erasers! They are currently on sale for a pack of 20 and I stocked up too. They remove pretty much everything my toddler gets on our walls. 

A classic long cardigan that you can wear anytime with anything. With us spending so much time indoors, this makes me feel like I”m dressed. 

One of my favorite pairs of jeans that is on crazy sale! $45 from $128 and so flattering. I wear TTS and if they are out of your size just keep checking back because they seem to be restocking!

Winter boots with sherpa lining! I don’t have this exact pair (mine is similar but sold out) but have so many friends that do and vouch for their quality. They come in a black leather version as well. 


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