new orleans gems.

Jul 10, 2015

new orleans


vanilla latte

blueberry doughnut

iced coffee


fried chicken

po boy


truffle mac and cheese

new orleans

new orleans was more magical than i had ever imagined. i hadn’t been since i was a little girl & the city really captivated me. i will admit the drunks on bourbon street were less than appealing but generally stayed away from that area.

we stayed at the St.Pierre Hotel in the French Quarter and i couldn’t recommended it more. it’s nestled in the french quarter tucked away on a quiet little street. the rooms were actually little individual cottages and it has two quaint pools that were perfect for afternoon relaxation.

the food was extraordinary & i’m quite certain i couldn’t fit another bite in by the time we left. i wanted to share some of the highlights with y’all because it was just too good not to.

Brennan’s Restaurant: we didn’t have a chance to eat a meal here but we grabbed coffee on the cutest patio where they have a precious family of turtles in their fountain.

Spitfire Coffee: if there is anything Trevor & I love it’s a local coffee spot. we searched a bit but stumbled upon this one and absolutely loved the iced coffee.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House: no joke, the BEST fried chicken i have ever had. a little bit of a trek but so worth it. the chicken is crisped to perfection and not greasy at all.

District: ummm if you know me you know i will find a doughnut shop anywhere. this one was a suggestion from my friend Lauren and it didn’t disappoint. i wish we had been able to make it back to try their other creations but the doughnuts were insanely good.

Crescent City Brewhouse: now this was a surprise. we wandered around by the water one night and happened to stumble in here since they had a rooftop patio we could sit on. the ‘seafood cheesecake’ sounded disgusting to me but it blew my mind. the truffle mac n cheese was so delicious as well and we had a good time trying their different brews they make on sight.

Johnny’s Po Boy’s: the afternoon before we flew out we decided we had to try one. the bartender from Brennan’s suggested this spot and it was crowded even on a tuesday. trevor & i both liked the seafood gumbo more than the po boy’s but that may be because we aren’t huge sandwich fans to begin with.

there were so many other tiny spots we loved and i hope y’all can make a trip to new orleans soon. it was the perfect long weekend getaway. relaxing, sights to see, & tons of delicious eats and drinks. let me know if you need any help planning!


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  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering!! Everything looks so good! I’ve heard that New Orleans has great food and these just proves that factor even more! 🙂

  2. zahra says:

    Sending this post to my girlfriends – we are going on Aug 28th and that food looks TDF! I will report back when I return – thanks for sharing this!


    • shaheen khan says:

      oh perfect i’m so glad it can help! you girls will have the BEST time i seriously loved it there! let me know if you find any other good spots & i hope to see you soon it’s been way too long! xo